Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (transl. These are love relationships) is an Indian Hindi-language drama television series that aired on Star Plus from March 18, 2019 until October 17, 2020.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a spin-off. It starred Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh and was produced by Rajan Shahi's Director's Kut Productions.

Full story

The storey is set in Rajkot and follows Mishti Agrawal and Abir Rajvansh as they question traditional ideas about arranged marriages and relationships.

Mishti is a sweet and down-to-earth young lady who values freedom and compatibility in a partner. She was reared by the Maheshwari family, who were estranged from her parents, Naman and Karishma.

Abir is a happy young man who expresses himself via art and poetry.

The first time Kuhu sees Kunal, she falls in love with him. Kuhu becomes thrilled and excited when the Rajvansh family sends a marriage proposal for Kunal to the Maheshwari family.

Meenakshi, however, selects Mishti instead owing to a misunderstanding, leaving Kuhu distraught. Mishti requests premarital courtship before agreeing to the marriage; Meenakshi becomes enraged and asks Mishti to assist Abir's NGO, trying to cause friction between Mishti and Kunal.

Kunal is enraged when he hears that Mishti is working, but when he learns that she is working for Abir's NGO, he apologises to her.

Abir falls in love with Mishti while they work together, but is scared to reveal his feelings. Due to Kunal's behaviour, Mishti ends her alliance with him.

Meenakshi orders Kunal to stage a wedding for Kuhu as a form of retaliation. Mishti comes to terms with her feelings for Abir and declares her love for him. Meenakshi, on the other hand, discovers Abir and Mishti's feelings for one other and intervenes.

Kunal will not marry Kuhu if Mishti does not humiliate Kuhu and reveal her true identity as an illegitimate child. Mishti does so, and Meenakshi tells him to leave the house till the Kuhu-Kunals wedding.

Mishti arrives at the airport, but is abruptly stopped by Abir, and the two proclaim their love for each other. Kunal exposes his plans to Kuhu on their first night together after the wedding, and she is devastated. Mishti visits the Maheshwaris again. Mishti discovers the identity of Abir's father, Mehul.

She locates Mehul and assists him in returning to his family. Meanwhile, the Maheshwari's learn of Abir and Mishti's love. The Maheshwari's accept Abir and Mishti's relationship, and their partnership restarts.

After marrying Mishti, Abir decides to move into a separate house with Mehul. Mishti and Kunal's birth mother, Parul, discover the truth about Mehul.

Mehul solely wants Meenakshi's Rajvansh property, it is discovered. Mishti exposes Mehul during her engagement, leaving Abir sad.

Meenakshi blackmails Abir into leaving Mishti or disowning Kunal and Parul, and discloses Kunal's biological mother, Parul, to Abir, in order to keep Abir and Mishti apart. She also tells Abir that he must pick between Kunal and Mishti.

Abir, who feels powerless, chooses Kunal above Mishti and terminates his connection with her. He, too, is heartbroken, and he hopes Mishti will forgive him and go on. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Mishti travels to London to live with Jasmeet's son, Nishant.

After 2 Months

Mishti and Nishant carry out their plan to get Abir to disclose his actual feelings two months later, while Meenakshi tries to turn Abir against her. Kunal spikes Nishant's drink on Mishti's birthday, unaware that he was once a drug addict.

Mishti gets enraged and informs Kunal that he is Parul's son, not Meenakshi's. Abir and Mishti clash, and Abir misidentifies Nishant as Mishti's boyfriend. Nishant falls in love with Mishti during this time and tries to keep Mishti and Abir apart in order to marry her.

Mishti and Nishant's alliance is fixed by the Maheshwari's. Kunal and Abir join Mishti and the Maheshwari's in persuading Mishti and the Maheshwari's with Kuhu's support after learning of Meenakshi's deeds.

Abir and Mishti eventually reunite, and Mishti forgives Abir. Abir attempts to communicate with the Maheshwari family, but they refuse to forgive Abir for breaking Mishti's heart. Mishti has a feeling Abir is in peril on her wedding day.

As a result, she flees the wedding in an attempt to save him. Nishant eventually backs off after realising their love for each other, and the families embrace their love. Mishti and Abir make the decision to marry. The family learns the truth about Haldi Kuhu and Kunal's relationship.

On Abir and Mishti's mandap, they reconcile and remarry, and Mishti and Abir are finally married.

Abir and Kunal have a tense connection with Mishti and Kuhu, which causes problems for them.

They make every effort to bring them together, but it is in vain. Kuhu and Mishti fight on their honeymoon, and Meenakshi calls Kunal back. Abir chooses to return to the Rajvansh residence and leave Mishti in the hotel.

Mishti is later subjected to molestation, and in an attempt to defend herself, she throws a stone at the perpetrator. Mishti suffers from PTSD when Karan dies. Meanwhile, Karan's brother Varun and mother arrange for the former's partnership with Ketki in order to get Mishti to confess to killing Karan.

When Mishti falls unconscious, it is discovered that Varun killed his brother in order to acquire his property, and he is imprisoned.

Mishti and Abir are devastated to find that Mishti will never be a mother. Meenakshi disagrees with their adoption plans and persuades Kuhu to be a surrogate for Mishti.

Kuhu accepts in exchange for Rajvansh's entire business and property. Kuhu and Kunal apologise to the family after they hear the truth about the arrangement.

Kuhu gives birth to Mishti and Abir's son, whom he names Amish. Meenakshi asks for forgiveness, and the family celebrates with a family photo, bringing the series to a happy conclusion.

Background Story

There were rumours in June 2018 that Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai might get a spin-off. Producer Rajan Shahi, on the other hand, denied it. However, in January 2019, the intention for a spin-off was unveiled. Producer Rajan Shahi had this to say about it:

"We're developing a spin-off of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Shaheer has been cast in the male main role.

He'll play a dynamic part that's distinct from anything he's done before. I realised that several of the original show's characters deserved to be explored further."

On February 21, 2019, the team held a havan on their sets as an auspicious start to their new trip. 

Rhea Sharma was introduced as Mishti by Shivangi Joshi in February 2019.

In March 2019, Rhea Sharma, Lata Sabharwal, Sanjeev Seth, Pooja Joshi Arora, Kshitee Jog, and Medha Jambodhkar published a promo themed on marriage and courting.

Later, Badshah, a rapper and musician, promoted the programme alongside Rhea Sharma and various female characters from other Star Plus shows.

The next commercial featured Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma, with Badshah singing the song. Another promo picturing them atop the roof of a bus was issued just days before the premiere.

Rajkot, Gujarat is the setting for the show. The team shot some of the first sequences in Gujarat's Bhuj and Kutch. "We wanted to broaden the event beyond Rajasthan and decided to incorporate the vitality of Gujarat," Rajan Shahi explains.

To depict the region flawlessly in our performance, my entire creative team researched the region, including numerous markets in Kutch. Various artworks, handicrafts, handlooms, and Kutch aesthetics have been included.

I want to make Abir and Mishti the next sought-after pair on Hindi television, just like Kartik and Naira!" 

Mishti and Kuhu were introduced in an integration between Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke from March 12 to March 16, 2019.

"I relate to Abir's character in so many ways," Shaheer Sheikh said, "and I appreciate the idea that, above all things, he wants to bring equality to society."

He wants all parents to treat their children equally, regardless of gender. He believes that after a certain age, everyone has the right to make their own judgments and pursue their convictions. He understands how women's voices can be silenced in some parts of our culture, and he wants to stand up for them."

Rhea Sharma compared her character to Deepika Padukone's character Naina in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

"After my previous show, which was also on Star Plus and was a successful programme, I was seeking for something that was equally good or something greater and bigger and a huge show with a terrific screenplay and a distinct character,"

Rhea Sharma said of the show. I was approached for the spin-off, and I found out that the character I was approached for is a spin-off, and it's extremely different from what I've done on past series. Actually, it was the character, the script, and the connection to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai that piqued my interest in the show.

And, of course, it's a Rajan Shahi show, and he puts on fantastic shows, and I trust his judgement. And there was the end of it; I met Sir, I was told about the role and the programme, and I was satisfied."

Rupal Patel compared her part as Meenakshi Rajvansh to her earlier well-known performance as Kokila Modi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, describing them as twins "Kokila and Meenakshi are twins, in my opinion.

Meenakshi is smart and educated, but Kokila is conventional and orthodox. Both, on the other hand, desire the best for their families and believe they are always correct. When Rajan Sir gave me the role, I was really blown away by Meenakshi's character and the way she was written.

It has a great deal of depth. I needed to prepare for the role."

Shooting Area Locations

The series is based on the backdrop of Gujarat and is set in Rajkot. It is primarily shot on sets erected in Mumbai's Film City. Some of the early scenes were filmed in Bhuj, Gujarat.

Reviews and Ratings

It has been the slot leader when televised at 10:00 p.m. since its debut (IST).

In its first week (week 12 of 2019), Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke had a TRP of 2.9 and was the most-watched Hindi urban television show in India, with a TRP of 2.5.

It dipped to tenth place with a TRP of 1.7 the following week, but improved to ninth place with a TRP of 1.9 in week 14 in urban. After a long absence, it returned to the top five urban Hindi GECs in week 28, claiming fifth place with 5.3 million impressions in urban.

It was third in urban with 7.07 million impressions and a trp of 2.7 in week 34, but it plummeted to seventh the following week. It received 5.3 million impressions in week 38, putting it in ninth place. It ranked tenth in urban with 4.5 million impressions in week 41. It received 4.8 million impressions in week 45, placing it in twelfth place. It was in seventh place in urban in week 48, with 5.36 million impressions, and eighth place the following week with 5.30 million impressions.

With 5.39 million impressions in the first week of 2020, it was ranked twelfth in Hindi GEC urban viewing. With 5.81 million impressions in week 4, it was ranked ninth. With 5.88 million impressions in week 9, it was ranked ninth.