Let Our Bond Remain Forever is an Indian television drama series produced by Shoonya Square Productions that premiered on Star Bharat on August 16, 2021 and is currently available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Under the tagline Jodi Wahi Kahaani Nayi, this series is a revival of the StarPlus serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. Giaa Manek, Mohammad Nazim, Rupal Patel, Vandana Vithlani, Sumati Singh, Varun Jain, and Priyamvada Kant are among the cast members.

The setting for the narrative is Bhuj, Gujarat. Gopika, who lives with her uncle and aunt, is a nice and talented young lady. She was raised by her uncle as an orphan, but her aunt, Ramila, had a strained relationship with her.

She treated her like a servant, making her do all of the household chores. Aashi, Ramila's daughter, is devious and wants to marry Saksham Modi because of his wealth. Mithila, Saksham's mother, is looking for a good wife for her son, someone who can adequately care for her husband and family.

Mithila held a jewellery competition to locate eligible brides. Aashi and Ramila steal Gopika's sketches and register them under their own names.

Gopika meets Mithila at the temple and goes to Modi Mansion to get her items that she left at the shrine. Mithila puts Aashi to the test to see if she is worthy of being Saksham's wife.

In the meantime, a fire breaks out, trapping Mithila. Gopika saves Mithila's life, but in the ensuing chaos, she loses her slipper. Mithila believes that such a girl, who puts others before herself, should marry into the Modi family.

She seeks for the owner of the shoe in order to repair her relationship with Saksham. Mithila is duped by Ramila into thinking the shoe belongs to Aashi. Aashi and Saksham's marriage is later finalised by Modis.

Ramila pushes Gopika to marry Jignesh, a gully lad, in another scene.

In search of Gopika, Jignesh attacks the Modis and is apprehended. During the ruckus, Mithila is moved by Gopika's bravery and decides to make her daughter-in-law Gopika rather than Aashi, stunning everyone. Aashi marries Chirag and Gopika marries Saksham.

Gopika, although being the senior daughter-in-law, constantly takes orders from Aashi, the younger daughter-in-law, which makes Mithila question her choice of Gopika for Saksham. Mithila evicts Gopika from the Modi Bhavan after learning the truth through Baa.

Baa, on the other hand, pulls her aside and asks Mithila to allow Gopika stay as a guest until Diwali. Later, Baa discovers that Gopika, not Aashi, is the jewellery designer.

As a result, she devises a scheme to hand over Gopika to Radhika. Saksham was reported to have died in a plane crash a few days later, despite the fact that he had not boarded that flight. Later, Priya, Saksham's ex-girlfriend, arrives and causes havoc for Gopika and Mithila. However, Gopika fights back and defeats Priya.

Background Story


In May 2021, the production house announced that the third chapter of the Saathiya franchise, starring Gia Manek, will be made for Star Bharat. It was supposed to be a precursor to the popular show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya at first.

However, it was then announced that it would be a stand-alone show. While the majority of the show's elements were drawn from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, there are a few fresh additions to the series.

Gopika and Saksham were played by Gia Manek and Mohammad Nazim, respectively, with Vandana Vithlani, Nitin Vakharia, Raj Kumar, and Minal Karpe also joining the cast. Finally, Mithila was played by Rupal Patel.

Sumati Singh was also cast in the programme Aashi as a major character. [10] Rajkumar (who played Chirag Modi) left the show in November 2021, citing a lack of screen time and the belief that he had nothing else to explore in his character. Diya Aur Baati took his position. hum renown Varun Jain is an Indian actor.

The series' production began in July 2021, with a puja and havan on the sets to welcome the creators and cast.


The first trailer, starring Gia Manek and Rupal Patel, was released on July 26, 2021.