Mithai (sweet) is a 2021 Indian Bengali Romantic Comedy Drama television series that launched on Zee Bangla on January 4th, 2021.

Prior to its airing, the show is also available on the digital site ZEE5. Zee Bangla is the show's producer. Mithai Modak is played by Soumitrisha Kundu, and Siddhartha Modak is played by Adrit Roy.

Mithai: Watch Now Indian Bengali Romantic Comedy Drama

Mithai is a sweets saleswoman who is always cheery. She visits the Modak family to sell sweets and develops a bond with them as if she were a family member. Later, Mithai runs away from her wedding to an unworthy lad. 

Prompting Dadu to arrange for Mithai's marriage to Siddhartha, who refuses to marry Mithai because his parents had an unpleasant marriage, which he witnessed as a youngster. Then Dadu decides to marry Mithai to Som, who cancels the wedding on the day of the wedding.

To redeem Dadu's honour, Sid must marry Mithai, but Mithai's marriage is disrupted by Sid's indifference and Torsha's intervention.

The novel also depicts the personal love lives of many of the characters in Monohora. Ratul (son-in-law, Sreetoma's husband, Rajib's younger brother, Dhara's elder brother); Rajib (son-in-law, Nanda's husband, Ratul and Dhara's elder brother); Sreetama (Siddhartha's younger sister, Ratul's accidental wife); Sreenipa (would be Mitra family's daughter-in-law but failed to show up on wedding day); S

Rudra (Siddhartha's close friend and love interest of his friend's sister Neepa); Sreenanda (Siddhartha's elder cousin sister, Rajib's wife); Sandip (Nipa's elder brother, Siddhartha's younger cousin brother), Dhara (Siddhartha's younger cousin brother).

Dhara (Siddhartha's younger cousin brother), Dhara (Siddhart (sister of Rajib and Ratul, Neepa feels jealous of her as she and Rudro are very close friends). Sid accepts Mithai as his wife, and Torsha marries Som (Siddharth's older adopted brother) and moves into the Modak house to get revenge on Mithai.

Mithai Drama Casts

Siddharth's wife Adrit Roy as Siddharth Modak aka Sid – Samaresh and Arati's son, Sreetama's elder brother, a successful architect in a corporate company (PCG), Mithai's husband Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai Modak (née Das) aka Mithai – Sudip and Parbati's only daughter, a sweet seller, Mithai's husband Soum

Reviews and Ratings

"Mithai will give you a charming love storey," the series promised, according to the Times of India.


Mithai became Bengal's most popular television show. Beginning with an ordinary viewership, the series quickly rose to become the top-rated Bengali television programme, attracting a record audience and routinely ranking first in the BARC's weekly viewership statistics. Since week 13 of 2021, Mithai has been at the top of the West Bengal Television TRP ratings for 43 weeks, as of week 4 of 2022.