Janaki Kalaganaledu (translation: Janaki hasn't dreamed) is a Telugu-language television drama series that premiered on Star Maa on March 22, 2021. It's a remake of the Hindi soap opera Diya Aur Baati Hum, which aired on StarPlus.

Janaki Kalaganaledu

Priyanka Jain and Amardeep Chowdhary appear in the film. Atreyapuram is the setting for the storey. Janaki, a bright and ambitious young woman, aspires to be an IPS officer, and her father, Shiva Prasad, is supportive of her ambitions.

Ramachandra (Rama) is a young, illiterate Confectioner from a conventional middle-class household. His mother, Jnanamba, is looking for a spouse who is partially educated, responsible, and a perfect housewife.

Janaki's dreams are shattered when her parents perish in a cyclone-related boat tragedy, while Rama's marriage is set up with the girl of Jnanamba's choice. The bride, on the other hand, elopes, causing Jnanamba to have a panic attack. Jnanamba vows to bring a daughter-in-law within 15 days after her neighbours insult her.

Yogi, Janaki's older brother, makes plans to relocate to the United States and marry Janaki within 15 days. He uses emotional blackmail to persuade Janaki to marry him. Through a matchmaker, Yogi meets Jnanamba and his family and learns that Jnanamba requires a slightly educated daughter-in-law.

To assure Janaki's financial security, Yogi fabricates Janaki's educational levels and arranges for her marriage to Rama. Janaki must accept her role as the family's ideal daughter-in-law. Mallika, her co-sister, becomes envious of her after her marriage and attempts, but fails, to disgrace her in front of Jnanamba.

Mallika is particularly sceptical of Janaki because her suitcase contains various IPS literature. Mallika attempts again but fails to expose Janaki. Jnanamba and his family go to a friend's house for a party a few days later.

Vyjanthi, Jnanamba's buddy, notices Janaki's mannerisms and becomes dubious of her schooling. She informs Jnanamba about it, but she dismisses Vyjanthi's claims, claiming that she would never marry her son to a well-educated woman.

Janaki overhears this and becomes enraged and outraged. Jnanamba is also made fun of for not having a grandson. In a year, she pledges to have a grandson from Janaki.

Mallika takes a gamble and goes to the movies with her pals during the function because no one else is in the house.

During this time, a few criminals break into the house. When she returns, she discovers the house has been robbed. Fearing Jnanamba's wrath, Mallika cleans the house with the help of some of the family members and convinces Jnanamba that everything is good and nothing odd has occurred.

Jnanamba, on the other hand, becomes suspicious of her family's actions and begins to question Mallika. Jnanamba discovers the truth and orders Mallika to leave the house; nevertheless, in response to her pleading, Jnanamba invites Mallika's parents to pay a visit to the residence.

Mallika's parents arrived at the house, but Jnanmba implored Mallika to forgive him. Janaki then begs Jnanamba to forgive Mallika. Jnanamba agrees to her request on the condition that she fulfils it.

The condition is that if Mallika makes another mistake, Janaki will be the one to leave the house. Janaki persuades Jnanamba to forgive Mallika on one condition:

Janaki must leave the house if Mallika makes another mistake. Janaki, on the other hand, confronts Yogi for lying and chooses to tell the truth to her in-laws after learning that Jnanamba felt she was somewhat ignorant. She, on the other hand, remained silent after the family's high tensions as a result of Mallika's actions.

Later on, Janaki impresses her in-laws and learns to cook from Rama. Jnanamba, desperate for a grandson, performs a pooja (ritual) and bans the family from eating till the evening. Jnanamba discovers Mallika breaking the rules because she is hungry.

Janaki is asked to leave the residence. Rama, on the other hand, manages to impress Janaki by resolving the problem. Janaki is forgiven as well by Jnanamba, who invites her to prepare for the family.

Despite the fact that she has never cooked before, she succeeds after seeing a cooking video. Mallika ruins the cuisine by making it too spicy and salty. Rama realises his error and saves Janaki before Jnananmba may consume it.

Jnanamba longs for a grandson and flees to a temple to be alone with Rama and Janaki. Janaki now regrets concealing her education after witnessing her family's love and respect for her.

Rama is shocked and angered when she tells him the truth, but subsequently understands Janaki's innocence in Yogi's betrayal.

When Janaki tries to tell Jnanamba the truth, he hides it. Janaki enrols in a civils coaching programme under the guise of learning to bake cakes in order to expand their food business. Jnanamba, on the other hand, hears about Janaki's degree and struggles to reconcile her ego with her son's existence.

She consults her mother-in-law, Myravathi, for advice on whether to keep Janaki as the family's daughter-in-law or ask her to go.

Myravathi, swayed by Mallika's schemes, requests Jnanamba to exile Janaki, but the latter forgives her, recognising her sincerity on the condition that she not study any further. Meanwhile, Jnanamba's younger son, Akhil, develops an interest in music and fails his degree, angering Jnanamba, who blames Janaki for buying a guitar for Akhil.

However, the disagreement is resolved, and Jnanamba begins her search for a spouse for her daughter Vennela. The latter is head over heels in love with Dileep.

Janaki's ex-obsessive boyfriend Kanna Babu, who has a hatred against her family, records Vennela and Dileep's chat and blackmails her. When Mallika learns of this, she tries to settle the issue in order to gain Vennela's esteem and to loathe Janaki, but the latter saves Mallika from Kanna Babu,

who files a case against Janaki and has her incarcerated. Jnanamba is asked by Myravathi to exile Janaki because she has ruined the family's reputation. Despite Rama's pleas, Janaki leaves heartbroken.