Imlie is an Indian television drama series that premiered on Star Plus on November 16, 2020.  It starred Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Mayuri Deshmukh and was produced by Gul Khan.

Later in the series, Fahmaan Khan was introduced as the primary male protagonist on November 10, 2021, while Gashmeer Mahajani was replaced by Manasvi Vashist in 2022.  The show was based on Star Jalsha's Bengali series Ishti Kutum, but changed from the original premise.

Imlie Drama

Full Story

Imlie, an 18-year-old girl, hails from Pagdandia, a village in Uttar Pradesh's Ballia area. Meethi's mother, Dev Chaturvedi, was duped by a city man. He kept his marital status a secret, as well as the fact that he has a daughter, leaving Meethi pregnant.

As a result, the villagers enacted a rule stating that if a guy spends the night with his girl, they must marry. Imlie's foster father-like figure, Satyakam, is a farmer turned rebel fighting for Pagdandia's rights. Imlie is awarded a scholarship after she completes her degree.

She aspired to be a police officer in order to support her foster father and give her single mother a better life.

Bhaskar Times' Aditya "Adi" Kumar Tripathi is a Delhi-based journalist. Malini Chaturvedi (Dev's daughter) was his best buddy, whom he met after his cousin Nishant went overseas.

He saw her as a good friend and mistook it for love, whilst Malini had an obsession with her and wanted Adi to be her puppet. Adi travels to Pagdandia before their engagement to take Satyakam's interview, in which he proves to the world that he is a revolutionist, not a rebel.

Due to strong rain and thunderstorms, Imlie assists Adi in navigating the settlement, where they both had to stay in a hut. The locals and Imlie's Nani threaten to kill Adi the next day, believing they had spent the night together. Adi had no desire to marry; instead, he was prepared to die.

Imlie intervenes as the villagers attempt to murder Adi and decides to marry him in order to preserve his life. When the villagers find out, she tries to reach Malini through Adi's phone, but it's in vain. Imlie and Adi are compelled to marry.

Imlie arrives in New Delhi and introduces herself to the Tripathi family as a maid in order to save Adi. Adi treated her horribly and was disrespectful to her when she expressed her dissatisfaction with the forced marriage. In his residence, she hides in a corner.

While Imlie steals everyone's heart, Adi is concerned that if everyone likes her, it will be heartbreaking for them when she leaves. Imlie, on the other hand, stays in this marriage due of her upbringing, beliefs in marriage, faith in God, and fear of the villagers killing Adi if she leaves.

Adi confesses the marriage truth to Malini just before their wedding, causing her to pass out. The doctor cautions him against it. Imlie witnesses her husband marrying Malini, her broken-hearted half-sister.

Adi is required to travel to Pagdandia for the government's peace talks with Satyakam, and the Tripathi family has sent Imlie along with him. He makes the decision to leave her there indefinitely. He knows Imlie's predicament and viewpoint, and he feels terrible for him.

That night, she saves his life from a bomb blast. Imlie is later shot by a gun while rescuing Adi from Chandu, and he transports her to a Delhi hospital. Adi realises how terribly he has treated her and softens his attitude toward her.

Imlie also saves Malini from a car collision on a bridge. Imlie's religion is the only thing that keeps them together. Adi quickly realises that Imlie is his actual love and that Malini was merely a buddy he mistook for his life partner.

During his pagdandia visit, he also learns out they are half sisters. Even though he proposes to Imlie, she remembers Malini and asks him not to breach the vows he made during his marriage to her, for only then will she return.

Malini, on the other hand, believes Adi is cheating on her and attempts suicide, but Imlie saves her life by donating her blood.

She then confesses to Adi that she is in love with Kunal, a college acquaintance. Meanwhile, after Malini's mother physically tortures Imlie by striking her with a tubelight, she chooses to go to Pagdandia, believing Adi has betrayed her.

Adi tells Malini the truth: Imlie is his first wife. Malini arrives in Pagdandia as Kalpana and discovers that Imlie is her half-sister.

Aditya persuades Satyakam and Meethi to marry, and Adi and Imlie reunite. Kunal Chauhan, a criminal lawyer, is handling Satyakam's case as well as Adi and Malini's divorce. Kunal has affections for Malini, and she has feelings for him as well.

Imlie is taken aback when she learns about her paternity. But she refuses to recognise Dev as her biological father, telling Satyakam that he will always be her biological father.

When the Tripathi family learns of Adi and Imlie's relationship, they oppose it and treat Imlie cruelly, throwing water on her, looking down on her due to her illegitimacy, and taunting her constantly.

Adi has always defended her, but Imlie refuses to leave his room unless the family agrees. He has acted as a mentor to her, teaching her English, assisting her in her studies, instilling courage, teaching her life lessons, and encouraging her to not feel inferior in front of others.

They were married on a platonic basis. After viewing Adi's work, she wants to be a journalist. She decides to become a journalist in order to bring the truth to the entire population. However, after a period of time, Malini becomes dissatisfied with their happiness and decides to reclaim Aditya.

The divorce proceedings are halted by Malini. Aditya takes her back to the Tripathi residence with Imlie's approval after she and Anu stage a false suicide drama. Malini is looked after by Imlie.

Malini, on the other hand, tries to break up Aditya and Imlie's romance. Despite the fact that it didn't work, Imlie learns about Malini's plans and tells Aditya, but he doesn't trust her, claiming she misunderstood Malini.

He also learned of Kunal's honesty, which has strengthened his faith in her. When Malini informs Satyakam that Aditya is cheating on Imlie with her, Adi and Imlie's post-marriage ceremonies are in full swing.

When he arrives to confirm, he notices them close together (Malini posing in that manner) and shoots Aditya. Imlie saves Aditya and is bitten by a snake in the process. Adi insists that Satyakam be imprisoned after they have recovered.

However, after hearing the truth from Satyakam, Imlie believes Malini should also be imprisoned because she was the one who started the incident. Adi doesn't believe it, thus he won't do it.

Imlie flees Satyakam, claiming that Malini should be punished as well, and that she will bring him back.

From there, trust concerns emerge, causing holes in their relationship. Malini intoxicates Aditya and his entire family, forcing him to have sexual relations with him without his will. Imlie is heartbroken and distraught when she sees them in the morning.

Malini acts as if she is a victim in front of others before revealing her true self to Imlie. Imlie is asked to go by the family in order for them to be respected in society.

Adi, on the other hand, asks her not to. Imlie notices her saree has been burned and that Malini has used it to spend the night with Aditya. She returns and files a complaint against Malini for having an affair against her will, and Kunal comes to Imlie's aid.

Imlie advocates for Aditya against the family's objections. She locates and presents him video evidence. He's devastated because he can't believe his best friend would do such a thing to him.

The video file was discovered destroyed during the evidence submission to court, and the case was dismissed. Adi claims he deleted the footage because Malini is expecting a child.

Hearing this, Imlie is deeply heartbroken. He goes on to tell the fake storey about Anu intoxicating Malini and dressing her up as Imlie and sending her to Adi's room claiming it was her honeymoon. He believes this storey because of his seven-year confidence in Malini.

Imlie decides to keep Malini on the premises since she believes the baby should not grow up without knowing his father's name.

Malini wants Imlie to leave Adi's life, so she engages in a variety of criminal actions, including human trafficking, selling Imlie to another nation, self-harming and framing Imlie for it, as well as trying her murder.

Imlie is gradually accepted by the Tripathi family as their daughter-in-law. However, due to trust issues and misconceptions caused by Malini, Adi and Imlie's relationship is in jeopardy. Adi and Malini are finally divorced. But she does a variety of ways to keep Imlie and Adi apart. And Adi has faith in Malini.

When imlie requests that adi send malini home, he refuses because she is pregnant and rejects the request as imlie's insecurity.

Malini shoots herself and frames Imlie as a final act of cruelty, but Satyakam accepts responsibility and is sentenced to prison. Malini insists that Imlie be thrown out of the house.

When Adi inquires about what transpired, Imlie loses all tolerance and decides to break their relationship by burning their nuptial chain and removing the sindoor, which she regarded as Goddess Sita's blessings, and leaving the Tripathi house, valuing self-respect over her husband.

Aryan Singh Rathore is the CEO of Bhaskar Times and is a businessman. He believes Adi is to blame for his brother-in-death, law's and consequently seeks vengeance from him.

Imlie lives at a women's hostel. Adi gives Imlie the internship offer letter, but she tears it up and gets the same from Aryan. Imlie is forced to leave the hostel by Malini, and she spends the night at the workplace.

While she was ridiculed by other lads, Aryan rescues her and makes Imlie his Paying Guest.

Despite the fact that Aryan was first disrespectful to Imlie, he admires her cheerful personality and is inspired by her.

Malini relentlessly brainwashes and manipulates Adi, so he misunderstands Imlie and Aryan's connection. Adi finds Imlie and Aryan in a hotel room shortly after their wedding anniversary and misunderstands them.

It was a ruse devised by Malini. She replaces the divorce papers with a letter from Imlie and mails it to Adi. Adi is sad because he believes Imlie is about to leave him for Aryan. He calls it quits on the romance. Imlie is crushed, but Aryan stands by her.

Imlie signs the divorce papers after Adi misunderstands Aryan's words and announces his marriage to Malini.

Following the divorce, Aryan offers Imlie moral assistance. Adi marries Malini as a result of Malini's persistent manipulations, and Imlie vows to move on, even if it takes days, months, or years. She and Aryan form an unbreakable bond of friendship and grow at ease with each other.