Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (translated as "Lost in Someone's Love") is an Indian television drama series that debuted on Star Plus on October 5, 2020. It's a remake of the Bengali serial Kusum Dola from Star Jalsha. Ayesha Singh and Neil Bhatt feature in the film.

Full Story Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Star Plus / Hotstar Indian Drama

Sai Joshi, a bright and outspoken girl from Gadchiroli, aspires to be a doctor and hopes to attend Nagpur Medical College to pursue MBBS.

Virat Chavan joins the Indian Police Service (IPS) in Nagpur and is assigned to Gadchiroli. Virat meets Patralekha "Pakhi" Mohitepatil during a vacation to Nashik. Both of them are in love with each other but refuse to admit it. Samrat Salunkhe, Virat's cousin, is looking for a good spouse. They are interested in Patralekha and have contacted her parents.

When Virat gets a call to report for duty, he asks Pakhi to write her phone number on his palm, but it smudges on the way. Pakhi is blissfully unaware of this as he waits for his call. Virat starts his new job in Gadchiroli, but Sai doesn't like him.

Pakhi locates Virat's phone number and dials it, but he does not recognise her. Pakhi is heartbroken and accepts to join Samrat's alliance.

Pakhi and Samrat tie the knot. Virat returns to Nagpur for Samrat's wedding, oblivious to the fact that the bride is Pakhi. When Virat and Pakhi see each other, they are taken aback.

They are able to resolve their differences, but Virat refuses to end her association with Samrat since he adores his brother.

Virat assures Pakhi that no girl will ever have a place in his life or heart. Samrat and Pakhi tie the knot. She phones Virat and expresses her love for him. Samrat hears this and is heartbroken as he returns to his task.

Jagtap, Sai's compulsive stalker, tries to shoot Virat, but Kamal is hit instead and rushed to the hospital. On his deathbed, Kamal requests Virat to look after Sai once he passes away. Sai is heartbroken by her father's death and holds Virat responsible.

Everyone pressures Virat and Sai to marry after Kamal's death. They reluctantly accept, but make it clear that their marriage would only be temporary till Sai completes her MBBS and becomes self-sufficient. Sai and Virat tie the knot.

Pakhi's world has been devastated by this. Virat attempts to persuade her to see things her way, but she refuses. When the Chavan family learns about Virat and Sai's marriage, they are startled and refuse to accept it.

Sai tries to bring the Chavans to justice for keeping Devyani and Pulkit apart. Virat doesn't believe Sai and kicks her out of the house. She'll return to Gadchiroli.

When Virat discovers the truth, he tells Sai the truth and apologises, but she refuses to return. Virat goes on a dangerous assignment and is shot. Virat and Sai reconcile and return home when Sai rushes to the hospital to visit him.

Sai overhears Virat and Pakhi's discussion and incorrectly assumes they are in love. Virat begins to fall for Sai and attempts, but fails, to convey his love.

Virat rants at Sai because he is envious of her male acquaintances. Sai is irritated by Virat's behaviour and reprimands him before leaving the house, where she gets hit by a car. Virat is the one who takes her to the hospital. Although Sai regains consciousness, she refuses to see Virat. She forgives him later.

Virat organises a vacation to Mahabaleshwar on their first wedding anniversary to demonstrate his affection. Despite the fact that he lies to Sai and the rest of the family about it.

Virat and Sai share intimate moments before Virat reveals the true surprise. Sai becomes irritated because she believes Virat still loves Pakhi.

They have a heated dispute, and Sai finally leaves without informing anyone. Samrat, who works in an orphanage, is introduced to Sai and Virat.

Samrat accepts to return home after Sai and Virat persuade him to divorce Pakhi. Pakhi never wanted to marry him and prefers Virat, he admits.

The family attempts to persuade Pakhi and Samrat to give their love another opportunity, but Virat cuts all links with Sai due to her nasty behaviour on the vacation. Pakhi intends to make Virat envious by performing a Puja at home.

Virat confines Sai in her room as she refuses to be a part of her drama. Sai now believes Virat is becoming envious of Pakhi's relationship with Samrat, and she decides to leave Chavan House owing to Virat's domineering and nasty behaviour.

She gets out of the house, but is involved in an accident and is transported to the hospital. Virat weeps and begs God to help her. Sai heals and is returned to his family.

To offer Sai and Virat some privacy, Ashwini divides their rooms. Sai and Virat make a new start in their relationship, this time as friends.

Modak and Mirchi are their nicknames for each other. Bhavani begins to believe that Sai is putting her place in the house at jeopardy. She tells her to return to Virat's room and give her an heir by the end of the year. Sai sobs, but Virat consoles her and encourages her. Sada, Virat's old friend who is now a terrorist, reappears in his life.

Sai eventually realises Virat's emotions for her and wishes to ask him, but Virat is called away on a mission.

Virat kills Sada during the expedition, but promises to look after his wife and unborn child. This causes confusion in the family, as they believe Virat is having an affair with Shruti. When Sai learns about this, he is horrified and demands explanations from Virat.

Virat is hesitant to tell Sai the truth right now because he believes it may jeopardise Sai's and his family's safety. He asks Sai to trust him until he has the opportunity to expose the truth. Sai, on the other hand, believes he is betraying her and eventually quits the Chavan residence.

The Chavans then accuse Virat of betraying Sai and demand that he leave the house as well.