Balika Vadhu (translation: Child Bride) is an Indian soap opera that aired on Colors TV from July 21, 2008 to July 31, 2016, and lasted 2,248 episodes.

The novel is set in rural Rajasthan and follows the life of a young bride as she grows from a kid to a lady.

Balika Vadhu: Watch Full Story of Balika Vadhu Colors TV Serial

Balika Vadhu – Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte (English: Child Bride – Strong Relationships of Tender Age) and Balika Vadhu – Lamhe Pyaar Ke (English: Child Bride – Moments of Love) were the two parts of the soap opera.

The first section focused on Anandi and Jagdish, who had been married since they were children. The second section focused on Anandi's daughter, Dr. "Nimboli" Nandini, a child bride herself.

Colors TV stated in 2021 that the series would be rebooted for a second season, though it's unknown if any of the actors or storyline would remain the same.

Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte (Part 1)

Anandi is an eight-year-old girl who is married to Jagdish "Jagya" Singh. Sugna, Jagya's widowed sister, is having trouble remarrying because she is pregnant. Despite the fact that Shyam is a local, he asks Sugna for her hand in marriage, which Jagya rejects and replaces with Anandi's test results. Anandi confronts Jagya, but is fatally wounded.

Later, while still married to Anandi, Jagya's grandmother arranges for him to marry a girl named Gauri; the panchayat considers it illegal. Because Jagya and Anandi are both going through transitions, their families determine that they should avoid each other until they are both adults.

The show jumps 5 years forward in time.

When Jagya is unable to get a doctor to treat an injured Anandi, he decides to study medicine in Mumbai. He runs across Gauri again and decides to marry her instead of Anandi.

They marry, despite Gauri's belief that his child marriage is void. Meanwhile, Anandi educates local girls, advocates against child marriage, and rises through the ranks of Jaitsar's Sarpanch Bitiya. She delivers Jagya divorce papers, which he signs violently.

Anandi seeks to move forward after Jagya and Anandi divorce. Meanwhile, Jagya learns about Gauri's divorce from his family and divorces her for infidelity, vowing to reconcile with Anandi. Anandi, on the other hand, has moved on and married Shivraj and relocated to Udaipur.

Shivraj's sister, Sanchi, develops a crush on Jagya. She, on the other hand, seeks to cause strife in his family by creating misunderstandings and influencing others.

They marry, and he returns to Mumbai to continue his studies. He understands six months later that she merely wants to marry him out of spite and cancels the wedding. He marries Ganga, a girl he had previously aided, sparking family strife. Meanwhile, Jagya seeks for political office and is elected as Jaitsar's Vidhya.

Shivraj perishes while attempting to prevent a terrorist attack, while Anandi gives birth to twins Nandini and Shivam. A goon named Akhiraj kidnaps Nandini and renames her Nimboli in preparation for her marriage to his son Kundan.

Jagya tracks Nandini down 11 years later, and Akhiraj is apprehended but escapes custody, killing Anandi as she is protecting her children.

Jagya shoots him to death, but the twins tumble into a river and are likely drowned. They do, however, make it and are placed in an orphanage. When Shivam is arrested for murdering a man who attempted to rape Nandini, they are separated.

Lamhe Pyaar Ke (Part 2)

The second section takes place 15 years after the events of the first. Nandini is a doctor who is motivated by a promise she made to her dying mother to give medical care across Rajasthan.

She marries medical student Krish Malhotra, who turns out to be Kundan's stepson. She also discovers that the groom she approved for Sudha, her adopted sister, is actually Shivam, a criminal. She sees him again. Kundan kidnaps her in order to force her to remarry him, but the cops kill him.

She recaps her family history from Anandi's youth to the present in a book titled Balika Vadhu, which she mentions in the epilogue.

Public Reviews and Ratings

The premiere of Balika Vadhu received a relatively low rating of 0.7 target rating point (TRP) at first. It made the top 5 list under "Hindi General Entertainment Channels (GEC)" [6] five weeks after its debut and became Colors TV's most-watched programme. This aided the newly formed channel's ascension to the top of the TRP rankings, ending Star Plus' nine-year reign. Throughout its first 1,400 episodes, Balika Vadhu frequently topped the ratings rankings (from July 2008 to 2013).

Critical reception

Balika Vadhu received mixed reviews when it premiered. While some praised the show for depicting concerns of child marriage that had never been shown on Indian television before, others chastised it for celebrating and exploiting the practise.

The series was criticised in the Indian Parliament in 2009, causing the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to halt its broadcast and censure it for depicting underage marriage in violation of Indian law.