Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 (pronounced [betthe lte], transl. It all feels so good) is an Indian Hindi-language serial opera that premiered on Sony Entertainment Television on August 30, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. On Polimer TV, it is also known as Ullam Kollai Poguthada 2.

The show is a spiritual sequel or reboot to the 2011 series of the same name, produced by Ekta Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telefilms. [2] Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar appear in the film.

Full Story Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

Priya Sood, 32, comes from a middle-class family that includes her mother Meera, three sisters Saranghi 'Sara', Maitri, and Sandhya 'Sandy', as well as cousin Akshay, who lives with Akshay's parents Dhiren and Sarika.

Mahendra, her father, abandoned them and now lives with Rakhi, his second wife, and their son Raj. Despite dating Priya for four years, Neeraj abandoned her to marry her sister Maitri. As a result, she believes that love has no place in her life.

Ram Kapoor, 38, is a wealthy, well-known actor who was dumped six years ago by his girlfriend Vedika, who is now married to Shashi Babbar. Ram is now totally focused on his work and his family.

His stepmother Nandini, half-siblings Shubham and Shivina, Nandini's brother Sanjeev, and sister-in-law Mitali 'Meetu' make up his family.

Despite Shivina's engagement to Shashi's younger brother Siddharth 'Sid,' Priya and Ram's life are turned upside down when they learn that Shivina and Akshay are having an affair. Because Akshay refuses to marry before Priya does, Ram decides to locate her a suitable match.

Priya, on the other hand, misinterprets his motives, resulting in a massive quarrel between them.

Nandini brings up Priya-marriage Ram's proposal to Meera after she realises Shivina may be pregnant after the latter discloses she acquired a positive pregnancy test kit. Shivina is subsequently proven not to be pregnant, but Akshay insists on marrying after Priya does.

Priya expresses her concern for her brother's happiness and expresses her desire to meet him. Priya eventually accepts to marry Ram after meeting him.

However, as the weddings progress, the Kapoors discover of Priya's previous affair with Neeraj, who had predicted Priya's inability to move on and overconfidently believes she still loves him. Nandini is irritated by this, but Ram, Adi, and Brinda come to Priya's aid and indirectly tease Neeraj. Priya-Ram and Shivina-Akshay marry in the end.

On the other hand, Mahendra Sood, who has teamed up with Shashi, tries to spoil the marriages with Rakhi's help.

The revelation of Mahendra's ties to the Soods astounds Nandini, who then misunderstands the Soods and, at Shubham's request, has a Prenuptial Agreement drawn up for Priya and Ram, which prevents Priya from obtaining any share or alimony if they divorce in the near future.

It has been discovered that Shashi advised Shubham to seek a prenup because he had done so for his brother Sid and Shivina. Priya and Ram are taken aback by the Prenuptial Agreement.

Ram, who was initially hesitant, agrees to sign after learning that Priya has given him responsibility for the family bakery's loan repayment. However, it turns out that Mahendra was attempting to sabotage the alliance by planning to have Priya married to someone else solely to fulfil his responsibilities as a father, which irritates Rakhi.

Priya's self-respect, on the other hand, is harmed when Shubham and Sanjeev arrive at her home and urge her to sign the agreement, which she flatly refuses. Meera and Priya soon discover Mahendra's true motives and depose him.

After being persuaded by Meera, Priya signs the contract in front of Ram, but when Ram discovers that it wasn't Priya who planned to pass over the loan payback to Ram, he resolves to assist Priya, but she refuses. Ram vanishes, leaving no one to know where he is.

Nandini phones Shashi, who informs her that Ram has departed for a conference in Delhi. Nandini is on the verge of cancelling the Sangeet, but her family persuades her otherwise.

Vedika approaches Priya on Shashi's orders and informs her that Ram is still in love with a woman from his past, which Priya confirms Ram informed her during their engagement.

When Ram returns from Delhi, everyone except Priya attends at the sangeet, which makes everyone suspicious.

Priya, on the other hand, completes the loan repayment paperwork and arrives at the location a little later.

Neeraj tries to provoke Priya to proclaim her love for him at the sangeet, but she rebukes him, much to his dismay. Meetu, on the other hand, records the dialogue in pieces, making it a half-truth to show.

Shubham, on the other hand, surprises Shivina by inviting the winner and her favourite contestants, Pawandeep Rajan and first runner-up Arunita Kanjilal from Indian Idol 12, to the celebrations. Meanwhile, Ram charms Priya by dancing with Meera and bringing kids from Saraswati Vidyalaya, an NGO with whom Priya is involved, at Shivina's request.

Ram and Priya had troubles after their wedding, and as a result, Ram chooses not to allow Shivina and Akshay marry. As a result, Priya plans to force Shivina to leave the house in secret so that she and Akshay can marry.

Ram and his family, on the other hand, track them down and return Shivina to her family. After that, Ram forgives Shivina and sends her to Akshay.

After Ram offers Priya 5% ownership of Shubham and Sid's new company, Shubham and Nandini, together with Sid, conspire to frame Akshay for a sex scandal with his film co-star Anjali.

However, Akshay uncovers the truth, and Vedika accepts responsibility for the scandal, protecting Shubham and Sid after spotting the two are up to no good. Ram and Priya return home, but when Priya enters the house, Vedika calls Ram and sobs.

Ram goes to see her, but Nandini arrives and takes Vedika back to her house. Ram is on the verge of telling Priya the truth about his and Vedika's past when Vedika appears and informs her that she would be staying.

Priya replies no when Ram asks if Vedika staying is acceptable with her. Priya bursts up laughing, revealing that it was all a prank.

Vedika is told by Neeraj to find a means to persuade Priya that she is unhappy with Shashi. So Vedika enters Ram's office and discovers Ram with Shashi. Priya resolves not to notify Ram about Vedika's stay when she leaves the office.

When Ram discovers the truth, he and Priya have a fight. Vedika knocks herself with a candlestick and accuses Shashi of domestic violence, which Priya believes.

Shashi then walks out of the house. Vedika sends Akshay some images of him and Anjali, which he decides to burn. Vedika then urges Akshay to persuade Ram to quit hunting for Anjali, which he does.

Vedika is warned by Brinda not to get in the way of Ram and Priya. Priya becomes concerned when she learns that Ram hasn't spoken to anyone and rushes to the hotel where Ram is staying. The people there tell Priya that Ram's room was sealed because he had been infected with a virus.

Priya faints but regains consciousness due to low blood sugar, just as Brinda and Vikrant arrive at the hotel. Brinda and Vikrant understand how much Priya cares for Ram when Ram video calls her.

Priya calls the clients who are unhappy that Shubham and Sid didn't attend the meeting after she informs Shubham, Sid, and Adi of the news. Vedika sends Shubham and Sid a pen drive containing an audio message from Ram in which he promises to always love Vedika.

Adi returns to the room after a good meeting with the client and notices the audio message playing with Sara in the room with him. When Priya and Sandy enter the room, Adi tries to explain everything to Sara, but Sara decides not to tell Priya the truth.

Nandini assigns Shubham the responsibility of determining whether or not Priya received the audio message.

Sara is crying at the bakery and decides to find out who sent the pen drive. Nandini stops Vedika from telling Priya the truth, claiming that Priya will find out when the time is perfect.

After that, Ram invites Priya to a virtual supper with him. Shubham returns home inebriated and abuses Priya. Priya expresses her willingness to assist him. Shubham was feigning inebriation, and Nandini was well aware of this. Ram and Priya enjoy a successful virtual supper.

Adi arrives at Priya's residence with paperwork stating that Priya had returned the 5% stake in Shubham's company that Ram had given her.

Priya, on the other hand, brings Ram back to the house fully recovered, which surprises and delights everyone. When Ram returns upstairs, Priya tells him to keep this from him and that she will pay Shubham the 5% if he does a good job managing his company.

Vedika grabs the documents from Ram's desk and places them on his bed. Ram notices them when Priya goes upstairs, they dispute, and Ram leaves. Nandini persuades Priya to see her in order to avoid further fights with Ram. Sandy hires a journalist to track out Anjali, and Priya notices that she lives next to Ram's farmhouse, which Sid had overheard.

Priya returns home to see Ram receiving a head massage from Meera. Ram and Priya are having a long quarrel in her bedroom. Priya promises herself that after Ram's birthday, she will tell him the truth. Priya makes Meera ask Ram what his favourite cake is the next morning so she can cook it for Ram's birthday.

Priya and Sara locate Anjali's room, but when she does not respond, Priya writes a letter for her and slips it beneath the flat door.