Yeh Hai Chahatein (English: This is Desired Love) is a Star Plus drama series created by Ekta Kapoor. The show, which is a spin-off of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, debuted on December 19, 2019 and stars Sargun Kaur Luthra and Abrar Qazi.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Full Story

A passionate love tale between Rudraksh Khurana, a famous rockstar, and Dr Preesha Srinivasan, a gynaecologist, who fall in love after raising their siblings' son together.

Episode 1-50

After her sister Mahima dies in childbirth, Preesha Srinivasan is parenting her nephew Saransh. Her son admires Rudraksh Khurana, a wealthy rock musician who does not believe in love and whom Preesha despises. Yuvraj, Preesha's lawyer friend, pretends to be in love with her in order to gain a promotion from her father, a judge.

Yuvraj blackmails Saransh for money after learning that he is Rudra's nephew and Rajeev's son. Yuvraj murders Rajeev, and Preesha takes the fall for it in order to save him. Rudra swears vengeance on his brother and discovers that Saaransh is Rajeev's son, despite the fact that Preesha is the biological mother.

Rudra stands in for Yuvraj on their wedding day and marries Preesha in order to gain complete custody of Saransh. Preesha is found not guilty and agrees to reside with Saransh in the Khurana mansion. To prevent Saransh from being taken by the child care department, Rudra and Preesha pose as a loving couple.

Episodes 51-100

They begin to have actual feelings for each other under the guise of faking a romance for the sake of everyone and Saransh. Despite Yuvraj's attempts to divide them at their friend's wedding, they become closer.

Rudra assists Saransh in gaining admission to a good school. When Saransh is stolen, Rudra and Preesha become closer in their search for him.

When Preesha is hurt, Rudra looks after her and fights for her when she is treating a COVID patient. Rudra is accepted into Saaransh school to continue his study, thanks to Preesha's help.

Episodes 101-150

Rudra has a hard time expressing his feelings for Preesha. Preesha begins to doubt her sentiments as Rudra continues to impress her, such as defending her family. After having an interview together, Rudra and Preesha become well-known.

Rudra notices Preesha slapping Yuvraj and requesting that he go. However, a music producer named Rahul causes a misunderstanding between them, leading Rudra to feel that Preesha still loves Yuvraj and is deceiving him. Rudra warns Preesha that she would witness the full amount of his hatred once they have a massive fight.

Episodes 151-200

Rudra tries to keep Preesha away from him despite torturing her because of his love for her. Rudra uses his co-singer Keerti to make Preesha jealous at his concert. Rudra is held responsible for the murder of Keerti. Rudra is rescued by Preesha.

Rudra discovers that Preesha is not Saaransh's biological mother, and Rahul admits to lying to him. Rudra pursues Preesha through the rain, apologising and professing his love for her passionately. In front of the entire family, he collapses at her feet.

They go on their honeymoon to re-establish their romance. The return of evil mahima, saransh's mother, interrupts their honeymoon. Mahima plans to gain custody of Saaransh in exchange for his trust wealth.

Episodes 201-250

Mahima is awarded custody. To expose her, Preesha collaborates with Rudra and Yuvraj. She pretends to betray Rudra by marrying Yuvraj, while Rudra pretends to marry Mahima in order to prevent her from departing with Saransh.

At Christmas, Preesha finally confesses her love for Rudra and the two share a kiss. Yuvraj informs Mahima of their strategy, and she continues to remove evidence against her. She replaces Rudra with a doppelganger, Bhuvan, leading Preesha to believe she had a relationship with a phoney Rudra,

Breaking her heart and leading her to despise Rudra. As Rudra, Bhuvan continues to pursue Preesha.

Episodes 251-300

When Balraj discovers the truth, Mahima and Bhuvan assassinate him. The actual Rudra has been apprehended. Preesha then notices that the imposter is missing Rudra's birthmark. Mahima has been detained.

Rudra and Preesha are finally pleased, and they enjoy a possessive moment in which Rudra grabs her hair and kisses her, promising that no one would ever be able to separate them. Sulochana, Rudra's birth mother, and Kabir, Rudra's half brother, are later discovered, unaware that the two are pursuing the Khurana's money.

Preesha discovers the truth about them and attempts but fails to tell Rudra. Rudra, meantime, tells Preesha that he wants to have a child with her and attempts to find methods for them to get closer. Kabir dupes Ahana into assisting them in obtaining the land by marrying him in exchange for Saransh's custody. With Mahima's help, Kabir kidnaps Rudra.

Episodes 301-350

While Mahima flees, Preesha goes undercover to save Rudra. The family relocates to the state of Goa. Preesha plots to prevent Kabir and Ahana from marrying, and instead arranges for Ahana to marry Yuvraj. Ahana runs away to London.

Rudra feels enraged at Preesha, but later makes amends with her by performing CPR on her after saving her from drowning. Mishka and Kabir marry on the spur of the moment. Saransh is taken into custody, and he is later kidnapped. If the police are engaged, Mishka threatens to blow herself and Saransh up.

Rudra keeps the situation under control, but things take a deadly turn when Preesha brings the cops in discreetly. Saransh and Mishka are believed to be dead. Rudra holds Preesha responsible for Saaransh's death.

She holds him responsible for his earlier lack of trust in her in the face of his mother and brother. Rudra and Preesha separate. Rudra swears that following the death of his kid, he will never sing again. Preesha is on the verge of falling off a precipice when Armaan Thakur saves her.

Episodes 351-400

Now it's six months later.

Preesha is currently residing in Goa with Armaan and his daughter, Anvi. Rudra works as a hotel manager in Delhi, where he meets Armaan's sister, Devika, who develops feelings for him. In Goa, Rudra and Preesha finally meet.

Rudra misunderstands that Preesha is married to Armaan, and they have a heated argument at the party, during which he roughs her up. Rudra enrages Preesha by proposing to Devika.

When Preesha sees Rudra and Devika, she is affected, and Rudra keeps asking her if his touch still affects her and if she loves him. Preesha is attacked by goons, but Rudra protects her and Armaan manages to trap them in a compromising position. Mishka is still alive with ahaana, Rudra and Preesha discover.

Rudra and Preesha recall earlier days while living together to spy on them. Rudra and Preesha grieve together after Ahaana fabricates a lie. Rudra expresses his desire for them to be together. Armaan and Devika learn of Rudra and Preesha's marriage.

Devika has been discovered dead. Preesha has been arrested, and Rudra has promised to help her. Preesha is accused of living with Rudra and having an affair with him, as well as murdering Devika out of jealously, at the trial.

Episodes 401-450

Rudra saves Preesha and has his mother, Sulochana, imprisoned. Rudra begs Preesha's pardon as he collapses at her feet. Armaan whisks Preesha away to Shimla, where he poisons her drink in order for Rudra to misunderstand her.

Rudra sets fire to the room and abducts Preesha. Drunk Rudra is seduced by Preesha. He tricks her the next morning by claiming they slept together. Armaan and Rudra are at odds. On his birthday, Rudra is badly injured. Preesha eventually admits that she adores him.

To learn more about Saransh, Rudraksh stage a false wedding with Anvi's biological mother and Armaan's wife, Sania.

Preesha is adamant about Rudra moving on. She seduces Rudra in the men's bathroom, making him envious. Preesha engages a private investigator to discover the identity of Sania.

Preesha misunderstands Rudra because Sania manipulates the circumstance. To persuade Rudra to confess, Preesha invites Armaan to marry her. Rudra arrives to call the wedding off, telling Preesha that he adores her and that their son is still alive. Krishna is shown to him, and she discloses that he is Saaransh's by showing him his birthmark.

Ahaana and Mishka are taken into custody. Rudra and Preesha's pre-wedding celebrations begin, much to Armaan's chagrin. Rudra begins to be wary about Armaan.

Rudra sings "would you marry me," their particular song for Preesha, at their sangeet, which helps Saaransh remember some things.

Episodes 451-500

Rudra and Preesha marry twice, first in a South Indian way and once in a Punjabi style. Saransh regains his recollection. At Khurana House, Preesha has a big graha pravesh. Armaan infiltrates the Khurana residence and spreads itching powder on their bed.

Rudra recognises that something has gone wrong, but she refuses to let their wedding night be ruined. He leads Preesha to their bathroom, where they share a shower. Rudra threatens Armaan openly, claiming to know what he's doing.

Preesha expresses her desire for Rudra to return to his former glory as a rockstar. Their lawyers claim that they are Saransh's legal guardians and that they have obtained all of their property. Rudra and Preesha continue to play out their imaginations. Rudra is becoming increasingly frustrated as every attempt at intimacy fails.

They tell everyone at the press conference that they are glad to be back as a family, which makes Anvi jealous. Anvi arranges for a car to run over Saransh, but Sharda intervenes and is injured in the process.

Mr Ahuja informs Rudra that he must depart for Shimla on a concert tour. Armaan and Sania enter, claiming to be in the process of repairing their marriage. Mr Ahuja is told by Armaan to give him a drink that will harm his voice.

When Rudra loses his voice, he has a panic attack, but Preesha figures it out and gives him the medicine he requires. Rudraksh offers a wonderful rendition of a special life song dedicated to Preesha.

Rudra gets into a heated confrontation with Armaan, who admits to tampering with them. He demands that Rudra switch wives for one night, which enrages Rudra. Armaan spikes his drink after Rudra beats him up in front of everyone.

Preesha is perplexed when Rudra enters his room, visibly upset. As she attempts to calm him down, they both consummate. Sania urges Armaan to catch Rudra, and she summons him to his room, claiming Armaan is torturing her.

Rudra leaves a sleeping Preesha behind. Rudra is caught in a trap set by Armaan and Sania. However, with the help of Mishka, Rudra and Preesha are able to deceive Armaan and Sania and finally get rid of them.

Rudra tells Preesha that he wants to re-plan their suhaagraat because he can't recall it, and they both come up with ideas. Preesha binds him in beautiful nightwear, Rudra buys a secret suite for them where he performs for her, and Preesha books a hotel where they role play pretending to be strangers, but every plan is comically disrupted.

Rudra and Preesha attempt to bring Mishka and Rudra's new manager, Param, together. Preesha returns to her hospital, and Rudra assists her.

Episodes 501-550

Venky, Preesha's brother, has been located after a ten-year search. Due to a false molestation claim, he attempted suicide and was surreptitiously hidden by GPS. Preesha is overjoyed to see him again, but Rudra is wary of him. Venky seeks to ruin Param and Mishka's wedding because Mishka was the one who falsely accused him.

Rudra discovers this and warns him. Rudra is challenged by Venky, who claims that Preesha will not believe him. Venky generates friction between Rudra and Preesha, but he is eventually exposed by Rudra. Preesha apologises to Rudra and asks him to make love to her, and the two spend the entire night together.

The following morning, disaster strikes when Venky kidnaps Saaransh, Rudra fights him, and Venky is shot. Preesha accepts responsibility for saving Rudra and is arrested. While Rudra is unconscious, she is sentenced to death.

Because she is pregnant, Yuvraj Pillai assists her in escaping from jail, and they stage her death to safeguard her child. Rudra is tricked into believing Preesha is killed in a fire just as he is about to save her, and he becomes depressed.

Preesha is now raising their daughter Ruhi Khurana, while Rudra has been haunted by Preesha's memories and has turned into a cynical alcoholic.

Episodes 551-600

Rudra has a performance in Rohtak, where Preesha and their daughter Ruhi are hiding. Rudra saves Ruhi, who is also a brilliant singer, and the two begin to bond. Preesha goes into Rudra's concert in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him before she flees.

He flees to find her, and Ruhi saves him from the thugs. Ruhi conceals Rudra behind their house in a cottage, and Rudra requests to visit her mother. Rudra and Preesha have a lot of hits and misses when it comes to detecting the presence of the other through touch.

Rudra and Ruhi create a wonderful bond since Rudra adores her. Ruhi eventually chooses Rudra to be her father.

Bunty discovers Preesha is still alive and tells her everything about Rudra's search for her; she demands that he not tell Rudra anything. Rudra and Preesha end up seeing one other after Rudra saves Ruhi and himself from a fire and falls into Preesha's embrace.

Preesha admits to hiding from Rudra and that she did everything she could to protect him, but he tells her that his life is meaningless without her and that he can never let her go.

As a result of Preesha's adultery on Rudra, Yuvraj shows there and creates a mistake that Ruhi is his daughter. Preesha is compelled to save Rudra and succumbs to Yuvraj's deception. Rudra is enraged at Preesha's behaviour. Ruhi intends to mend Rudra and Preesha.