Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC) (Duniya Ne Undha Chasma) is a Hindi sitcom based on Taarak Mehta's weekly column "Duniya Ne Undha Chasma" in Chitralekha magazine. Asit Kumar Modi is the director and producer. 

It premiered on Sony Sab on July 28, 2008, and is also accessible digitally on SonyLIV.[2] It can also be found on Sony Sab and their own YouTube channel. The show holds the Guinness World Record for the most episodes of any Indian daily sitcom ever shown on television .

Short Story (TMKOC)

The series is set at the Gokuldham Co-operative Housing Society, an apartment complex in Powder Gali, Film City Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai, and follows members of the Gokuldham Society from many walks of life.

In the show, Gokuldham is sometimes referred to as "Mini India." The villagers of Gokuldham are depicted dealing with everyday challenges and finding answers. Occasionally, the show will bring up societal topics. 

The majority of the episodes revolve around Jethalal becoming stranded in a situation and being rescued by Taarak Mehta, his best buddy, whom he refers to as his "Fire Brigade." To promote unity in variety, society members live as a family and help one other with their issues. Gokuldham members participate in all festivals and organise a variety of events.

Full Story

1"Introduction" The characters are introduced by the show's narrator, Taarak Mehta (Shailesh Lodha). "Mischievous Tapu" (levels 2–5) Tapu's difficulties become a source of contention for society members and Jethalal. 6–7 "The Arrival of Champaklal" Taarak suggests that Jethalal invite his father Champaklal to teach Tapu appropriate manners because he is fed up with Tapu's antics.

 "Heavy Rains" (8–9) Tapu Sena and Mehta become stranded in Mumbai's torrential rains, causing tension among society members. They make it back safely in the end. "Champaklal's Phone" (pages 10–11) Champaklal, who is struggling to acclimatise to life in the city, obtains a new phone for day-to-day communication, but this causes problems for society members. He eventually returns the phone to himself. "Samuhik Rakshabandhan" (12–13) 'Samuhik Rakshabandhan' is celebrated by members of the Gokuladham society.

Jethalal, on the other hand, does not want Babita to tie him a "Rakhi," so he revolts. "Jethalal Has Been Kidnapped" (14–15). Jethalal is kidnapped from his shop by a gang of thugs who want a ransom in exchange for his release. The Gada family later saves him from kidnappers with the help of Tapu,

Abdul, and Mehta. "Janamashtami (2008)" 16–17 On the eve of Janamashtami, Jethalal and his buddies plot to bet, while the men challenge the women to break Dahi Handi. "Champaklal as Tapu's Father" (Champaklal as Tapu's Father) (Champaklal as 

Tapu After Champaklal gets into problems at school, Tapu persuades him to see his principal as his father. 19–20 "Chingur Baba's assistance" Jethalal, fed up with his father and son, seeks help from Chingur Baba, but this just gets him into further difficulties.

21–22"Kevra Teej" Gokuldham Society women urge their husbands to fast for them during the Teej festival. "Ganesh Utsav" (2008, pp. 23–27) Members of the Gokuldham society celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, despite the many problems and commotion. 

"Hasya Kavi Sammelan" (28–29) On the festival of Ganesh Utsav, a Hasya Kavi Sammelan is held. "Helpless Husbands," pp. 30–34 All of society's men are dissatisfied with their wives. They run upon Gobachari (a buddy of Taarak), who brainwashes them against their spouses. "Tapu Sena & Television" (35–38) Tapu Sena's parents are concerned since he spends the entire day watching television.

Navratri (2008), pp. 39–44 The auspicious festival of Navratri is observed by society members. 45–49"Shaikh's Kidney" A Dubai Shaikh offers Jethalal a large sum of money in exchange for a kidney. "Diwali (2008)" (50–54). 

Bhide is in desperate need of cash for Diwali celebrations. Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated in Gokuldham. "Sundar's Scheme" (pages 55–61) Sundar, Daya's brother, presents a scheme to Gokuldham members, promising to quadruple their money. 62–63"Havan to call a halt to the TV strike" 

Women are enraged that the same episodes are being broadcast due to a strike. To fix the problem, Daya and her companions perform a 'havan.' 64–65"Tapu sena school strike" As Tapu Sena strikes against their school and summons their parents, the school staff and principal are tense.

66–69 "Sweety's affair with Jethalal" Surbhi Chandna plays Sweety, a woman who comes in and convinces everyone that Jethalal is having an affair with her. She was later discovered to be an old Jethalal employee who came to demand ransom by threatening Jethalal. 

"Tapu's Wedding" (70–83) Champaklal wants Tapu to marry while he was still a youngster, but social people and Jethalal oppose this. Champaklal ultimately finds a girl for Tapu, after various misunderstandings, but she is older than him. Tapu's wedding was also a dream of Jethalal's. Champaklal sees the drawbacks of child marriage after hearing about them from Tapu, and he abandons the notion of Tapu's marriage.

"Drunk Sodhi on the Terrace," 84–86 As a result of Roshan's warning, Sodhi returns to the house drunk, and Roshan refuses to let him in. As a result, Sodhi takes to the building roof's edge until she forgives him. Sodhi's relatives eventually join the society, and Roshan approves. 87 "Lohri Eve" is a celebration of the Hindu festival of Lohri. 

With Sodhi's Punjabi family, the Golkuldham community celebrates the Lohri festival. 88–89 "Makar Sankranti" is a Hindu festival. On Makar Sankranti, Jethalal and Sodhi compete in a kite competition with the condition that whomever loses must sit on a donkey. Later, both of their kites go missing, resulting in a draw in the tournament.

"Dr. Hathi is stuck in a Rickshaw," says 90–91. Dr. Hathi arrives at the society, but he is stuck in a rickshaw and has to struggle to get out. To pull him out, the citizens of Golkuldham form a human chain. "Republic Day plans" (pages 92–93) Initially, each society member had individual plans for the Republic Day celebration, but they eventually decided to celebrate it together. 

"Cultural Dance Program" (94–95) A Cultural Dance event was prepared to honour India's dignity, in which all members of the society performed traditional dances. The program's winners are crowned Daya and Jethalal, igniting a feud among the members depending on state and region.

"Jethalal Fitness" (96–100) When Babita notices Jethalal becoming overweight, she tells him to follow a healthy diet and exercise in the morning with the rest of the society and herself. He believes Babita's phone has been stolen during exercise and pursues the perpetrator; as a result, he becomes exhausted on the first day and quits. "Donations lead to Jail," says 100–106. 

Champaklal feels sorrow after witnessing destitute people and presents blankets to them, but later learns that they sold the blankets for money, leading in his incarceration. Champaklal is released once the thief is apprehended. "Lovely Housemaid," 107–114 The loss of their favourite maid Rukmini infuriated society women.

Household duties cause everyone to feel tense. As a result, a new maid named Lovely arrives, attempting to steal and split society's ladies. Lovely is eventually discovered, and Rukmini returns to society. 115–117 Abdul is selling complimentary whistles with toothpaste in a programme called "Bhide swallows a whistle." 

Bhide inadvertently eats a whistle, rendering him speechless. All of the members are unsuccessful in getting the whistle to Bhide's stomach. Later, Daya solves the problem in a novel way. 118–122 "Holi with Shahrukh and Sachin in Duplicate" Due of financial constraints, Bhide decides that the community will not celebrate Holi. As a result, Sundar promises to bring Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan to celebrate Holi with him.

They are later discovered to be duplicates. 122–125"Chaggan, Maggan, and the Rs. 25000" Sundar instructs Jethalal to give 20000 and 5000 rupees to his Mumbai-based buddies Chaggan and Maggan, respectively. There is a lot of confusion and mayhem as a result of this. "Vinay Pathak in Society" is a 125-word essay written by Vinay Pathak. 

To promote his film Straight-Ek Tedhi Medhi Love Story, Vinay Pathak made a surprise cameo as Taarak's friend. 126–129"Tapu Sena examinations fraud" The members of society revolve their life around their children's tests. Beginning with Tapu's refusal to write his exam, the tale revolves around Tapu's exam cheating activities with the help of Abdul.

Tapu plans to buy a question paper from Peon Pappu, but the plot backfires when the police inspector arrives, revealing that Tapu had complained about Pappu and his fraud. "Iyer and Babita battle" (130–132). The members of the society are taken aback when Iyer and Babita begin arguing. Jethalal takes advantage of this and tries to separate them as soon as possible. 

Later, it is discovered that it was an April Fool's hoax perpetrated by Iyer and Babita, which leads to a prank perpetrated on them by society members. "Mahavir Jayanti," 133–134 Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated in the society by the Gada family. 135–138"Gokuldham Dental Camp & Jethalal Toothache" Dr. Hathi and Dr. Kukutiya are hosting a dentistry camp.

Jethalal's teeth are strong, according to the specialists. Tapu causes Jetha to experience tooth ache after the camp. He is terrified of visiting the dentist. Under duress, he agrees to go to the dentist with Taarak. Later, a rowdy enters the clinic and delivers Jethalal a hard slap, breaking his tooth and putting an end to his toothache. 

139–142 "Meenakshi Detergent" While shopping for detergent, Taarak makes the mistake of criticising Meenakshi detergent, which the shopkeeper forced on him. Later, Meenakshi's husband, Jaggu, arrives at the society to beat Mehta. Finally, he and Jethalal were able to persuade Jaggu.

"Tiku Ji ki Wadi Trip," 143–147 Gokuldham's children wanted to go on a picnic during their holiday, but their fathers were too preoccupied with their jobs. As a result, the moms of the children, along with Champaklal, take them on a picnic at Tiku Ji ki Wadi. 

When Gogi goes missing later, the members discover him resting in a park. 148–152"In a Kitty Party, Daya and Madhavi Fight" Women make the decision to throw their first kitty party. Bhide is first opposed to this because it goes against their cultural values, but Madhavi gradually persuades him.

Daya and Madhavi squabbled while they pretended to be their spouses in a game. Finally, Tapu and Sonu work out their differences, and the ladies agree to schedule their next kitty party.

153–163"Thieves" Anjali's gold jewellery is stolen, and the burglars subsequently raid Mohanlal's flat. They subsequently attempt to rob Jethalal while posing as mechanics, but are apprehended by Tapu Sena, who surrenders them to the police. 

"Tobacco-Free Mumbai" is a 164-word phrase that means "tobacco- Tapu Sena and Mahila Mandal are raising awareness to assist people quit smoking. "Patrakar Popatlal," 165–168 Popatlal Pandey, a newspaper journalist, is reassigned to Mumbai. "Daya's Maun Vrat," 169–173. 

Jethalal tells Daya that she shouldn't communicate to anyone when a transaction with a Chinese client falls through owing to Daya's meddling. She takes his statement literally, which depresses Jethalal. Daya eventually breaks her silence.

"GPL 1": 174–184"GPL 1": 174–184"GPL 1" The members of the society compete in a friendly cricket tournament in which they are divided into two teams, "Jabardast Jetha" and "Bindaas Bhide,"

respectively, commanded by Jethalal and Bhide. Due to a lack of police permissions for a night tournament, the match outcome is unknown, and the game finishes in a tie. "Jethalal is Annoyed by a Kid," pp. 185–187 Because of GPL 1's tiredness, Jethalal wants to sleep all day. 

Daya's friend, on the other hand, leaves her son at Jethalal's house and goes shopping with Daya, causing Jethalal to be irritated all day. Jethalal's London Trip and Kerry's Trip to India" 205–244"Jethalal's London Trip and Kerry's Trip to India" Jethalal travels to London on work. He meets Kerry there and encourages her to visit India.

Daya believes Jethalal is having an affair with her when she arrives in India. The misunderstanding is resolved later, but Popatlal falls in love with Kerry and attempts to marry her. However, it is revealed that Kerry is in love with someone else, leaving Popatlal single. 

259–272 "Tapu Sena Audition" is a Japanese word that means "tapu sena audition Tapu Sena is given the opportunity to audition for a Rita ad. 325–331 "Holi (2010)" Gokuldham society members celebrate the Holi festival. 355–364 "Bhatiawadi saree sale" 

Mahila Mandal purchased damaged sarees, but the saree seller claims Mahila Mandal did not purchase sarees because they lacked a bill. As a result, Mahila Mandal responds by staging a Garba Andolan in front of the shop.

"Childhood Games," pp. 367–371. All of the parents are concerned since Tapu Sena spends the entire day watching electronics. Parents should play their childhood games with their children, according to Champaklal. GPL 2" 390–402" Tapu Sena, fed up with their dull holiday, enlists Sundar's help to organise GPL 2. 

Daya and Babita, the captains of the "Daya Dandiya Devils" and "Blaster Babita," respectively, have Jethalal caught in the crossfire. The match is won by Daya's squad, while Babita's team loses. 

403–409 "Irfan Pathan meets Sodhi" Irfan Pathan was impressed by Sodhi's performance in the GPL-2 tournament, which was broadcast LIVE on television. Sodhi, who is on cloud nine, decides to pay Irfan Pathan a visit at his Vadodara home.

"Shampoo Massage" (409–412) While massaging Jethalal's head, Daya accidentally uses shampoo instead of oil, causing his hair to spike. Iyer makes fun of him and takes a picture of him, so the embarrassed Jethalal does the same to him. 

"Ghost In Gokuldham," 413–425. Gokuldham Society members are regularly terrorised by a woman dressed in a white saree who seems like a ghost. Despite their continuous attempts to frighten her away, she ignores them and threatens them. Tapu Sena and Rita suspect foul activity and discover that the ghost is a criminal who terrorised Gokuldham members in order to facilitate their unlawful activities.

Tapu's plot blows their secret, and Gokuldham is saved from the bogus ghost. "Popatlal and Koyal," 426–433. Taarak Mehta's sister-in-law Koyal visits Gokuldham society for a few days as she waits for a visa to travel to London. Popatlal, on the other hand, has fallen in love with Koyal and is attempting to impress and marry her. 

Koyal thinks it's a joke at first, but eventually regrets it. Popatlal remains single in the end. 435–436"Eid Celebration" The members of the society join Abdul in celebrating Eid. 437–444 "Dahi Handi (2010)" is a Bollywood film. 

The Dahi Handi festival in Gokuldham becomes a competition between men and women. Daya collapses and is admitted to the ICU after breaking Dahi Handi. She eventually heals and is released from the hospital.

445–452 "Ganesh Utsav (2010)" is a film that was released in 2010. On the occasion of Ganesh Utsav, the Gokuladham Sangeet Samrat event is held. "Babita and Iyer's wedding anniversary," 461–471. 

On their wedding anniversary, Iyer buys Babita a sports automobile, but it is stolen. Inspector Chalu Pandey sets a deadline of 72 hours for them to establish their innocence and apprehend the dealer. Jethalal impersonates a Sheikh from Dubai who wants the car, trapping and arresting the dealer.

"Chandiramani Flat Auction," 474–481. Chandiramani has decided to sell his Gokuldham apartment. Because Jethalal and Sodhi are both interested, he holds an auction.

Champaklal, on the other hand, explains to everyone why selling the mansion at auction is a bad idea, and Chandiramani reverses his mind. 482–483 "Goli Misses His Father" is a song written by Goli.

Hathi goes to a naturopathy camp for a few days to reduce weight. Goli, on the other hand, misses him and urges his mother to bring him back. As a result, Mehta suggests that his mother invite Goli's paternal uncles to their home so that he does not feel alone. 

488–491 "Daya is not responding from her secured house." When Daya accidentally ruins Jethalal's INR 15 lakh check by pouring tea on it, he taunts her viciously. When Jethalal realises his error, he calls her from his shop and even goes to society to speak with her, but she does not respond from her locked (inside) house.

After some time, they discover that she was asleep after taking cough syrup with the help of society members, and Jethalal apologises. 492–498 "Society's Magic Show" Tapu Sena gets into a lot of trouble while playing cricket on vacation, so he asks Mehta if he has any other vacation ideas. 

Mehta's boyhood buddy Magician Munnalal phones him during the conversation, and Mehta invites him to perform a magic show at their society. Tapu Sena asks Mehta to persuade his friend to teach them some magic tricks after the show. Tapu Sena makes various blunders in their society after acquiring magic, for which they subsequently apologise.

501–506 "Women are given credit cards." The credit card fascinates women, so they all get one, only to discover later that the bank is a hoax. 507–510 "Paint cans have arrived at Jethalal." Jethalal obtains paint cans rather than money and is unsure what to do with them. 537–541 "Tapu loses his hair" Tapu is adamant about going bald, despite everyone's objections. 

He eventually does, and the reason is revealed to be that his cancer-stricken classmate is bald, and students were tormenting him. 541–550 "Baijanti's phone number is incorrect" Popatlal encounters a woman named Baijanti as he arrives at the hotel. He keeps a secret note of her phone number, which he frequently contacts, but it is incorrect and belongs to Babita.