Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (Strength – Existence) is a Hindi-language social drama television series in India. It aired on Colors TV from 30 May 2016 to 1 October 2021, and was produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Shakti TV Show Online Written Story

Rubina Dilaik, Vivian Dsena, Jigyasa Singh, Simba Nagpal, and Cezanne Khan appeared in the fourth longest-running Colors TV show.

Maninder and Nalini attempt to bury 1-year-old Soumya in rural Punjab. Nimmi catches them and protects her while also warning Maninder.

After eight years

Soumya is quiet and unassuming, reared by Nimmi with love but despised by Maninder and Nalini. Surbhi, her happy-go-lucky and bouncy sister, receives all of the family's affection and attention.

After 15 years

Soumya, now that he's grown up, spends much of his time inside with Nimmi. Surbhi attends classes, teaches Harman a lesson, and flirts with the spoilt brat. He intends to punish her out of vengeance, but he accidentally kidnaps Soumya.

Harak Singh instructs Harman to marry Soumya in order to avoid societal disgrace. They married and have a child. Soumya is intersex, with total androgen insensitivity syndrome, as Nimmi reveals.

This enrages Harman, who sits silent in front of the family while Nimmi begs him to stay with Soumya for a few days till they return. Meanwhile, Harman rekindles his feelings for Soumya.

Nimmi is greatly traumatised by Preeto's discovery, and she dies of cardiac arrest as a result. She uses extortion to force Soumya to marry Harman to Surbhi.

Surbhi and Harman married for Soumya's sake, but she divorces him later to avoid becoming a barrier for them. Preeto discloses to everyone's surprise that she originally married Nihaal, who then left her to become a sadhu, before marrying Harak.

Varun uses and marries Surbhi, whom he despises and promises to destroy for being the death cause of his own sister (Varun's cruel mother). Preeto eventually realises her mistakes and accepts Soumya.

Soumya and Harman are beaten and thrown into the river by Varun, Balwinder, and Veeran. Strangers take them to the hospital, where they lose their memories. Their relationship begins with mutual disdain, but they gradually fall in love again, remember everything, and come together.

Balwinder is imprisoned, and Varun is disowned by Harak. Surbhi returns from Delhi, pregnant. Varun pushes her during a confrontation. Surbhi births Soham and hands over his responsibilities to Soumya before dying.

Varun has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Surbhi. Soumya stumbles upon Nihaal and returns him to the house, considering him weird and uninformed about the history.

He dies as a result of his family's traumatization throughout the past. Preeto starts hating Soumya again after she bought him back since she is obligated to perform widow's rituals because Nihaal merely left her. Soumya leaves with Soham and looks for work due to the high tensions there.

Soumya is hired as a nanny for Vedant Bansal, who initially despises her but ultimately admits his love for her. When she rejects him, he frames Harman and has him imprisoned in order to blackmail Soumya.

She agrees to pretend to marry Vedant in exchange for his bail. Harman believes Soumya cheated on him after he was released on bail. He marries Mahi out of jealousy.

Harman gets liver problems two months later as a result of his heavy drinking. Mahi is expecting a child. Due to Rekha and Vidhaan's deaths in a vehicle accident, Vedant, Soumya, and Rohan's lives have been shattered.

Sumit tells and ultimately discloses the truth to Harman when Vedant takes Soumya to forcibly marry her. He arrives to save Soumya, but he is killed when Vedant knocks him off a cliff, and he is arrested. Soumya and Preeto band together to await Harman's return, hoping that he is still alive. Soumya decides to adopt Rohan.

Mahi gives birth to an intersex child seven months later. She resolves to get rid of her after discovering the truth. Soumya and Preeto intervene and take charge of the child. Harak, unaware of the truth, gives her the name Heer.

Heer is effervescent five years later, having been raised by Soumya and Preeto. Harak plans to assassinate Heer after discovering her truth, but she is apprehended. Varun is released on bail and returns to try to reclaim Soham.

But after Maninder admits to killing Surbhi, Soham begins to despise him. Harak is allowed to speak to Preeto, who he asks to send Soumya away if she does not want him to accept Heer.

Preeto agrees, and Soumya departs, giving a tearful farewell to the family but promising to return in the future.

Heer grows up to be a joyful and strong young man, zealously protected by Soham and Rohan. Virat and Heer become friends, fall in love, and marry.

Because their families despise each other, they refuse to recognise their marriage and split off during the COVID-19 lockdown. Preeto tells Virat the truth about Heer, and he begins to despise her. When pressed for an explanation, he cites Soumya's truth. She continues on with her studies.

Virat gradually realises that he adores Heer. The families ultimately come to an agreement on their wedding. Virat and Heer remarry, but he conceals her true identity. Simran discovers she is expecting a child and is concerned.

Fearful of society's perceptions, the family wants Simran to terminate the baby. Heer puts an end to it when Rohan marries Simran at her request. Heer is kidnapped by Angel, a student of Soumya's old foe Maharani. Virat's family finds her true gender after he saves and returns Heer, who also learns her shocking true gender.

Angel coerces her into participating in a kinnar ceremony. Heer falls off a cliff while attempting to save Virat from Angel and is assumed dead.

After six months

Heer has begun her new life as a babysitter for Kuhu, the child of her saviour, Dr. Akshay Kaul. Virat has a mental illness. Everyone learns that Heer is still alive. She reappears because Virat requires her. He eventually heals, but Angel is imprisoned.

Heer prepares for gender surgery so that he can live with Virat and his family. Angel manages to flee and horribly wounds both of them before throwing them into a river. They're thought to be dead. Angel succeeds in becoming the intersex community's leader.

Soumya returns home after 18 years, alive and well, to protect her family. Surprisingly alive and well, Harman also reunites with his family after establishing his identity, albeit with a new visage (as he needed face surgery).

Heer and Soumya are kidnapped by Angel, who also holds Harak's family captive. Soumya and Heer are saved by Harman and Virat. To keep Parmeet and Virat apart, she pretends to accept Heer. Their college years had come to an end. Heer employs Gitu as a new maid in Virat's family, but Daljeet molests her.

Raavi accepts Balwinder's release on bond. Soumya shoots him to death when he defrauds the family by acquiring their property and later intends to murder Raavi.

Heer battles for Gitu's justice, but they are kidnapped along with Arvind by Parmeet, Daljeet, Kareena, and Sant Baksh. Heer is killed by Parmeet, and Gitu and Arvind are killed by Daljeet and Sant Baksh.

Soumya discovers a video of Heer's kidnapping. She enlists the help of Virat and Harman to save her. They apprehend Kareena, who is later hit by a car and taken to the hospital. She tells the truth before she dies.

Soumya and Harman are enraged, and they seek vengeance by capturing Sant Baksh, Parmeet, and Daljeet at the scene of Heer's death. The group confesses to their crimes and is apprehended. Chintu tortures and blames Harak's family in order to avenge Balwinder's death.

Raavi tries to persuade him that he is correct. Preeto and Soumya prevent the burying of an intersex infant. Angel, who has been released on bail, wants to take the baby, but Soumya resists her and adopts the child, bringing it to her home with the help of her family.

Angel in disguise enters the household with Chintu's help, deceitfully snatching the infant away. Soumya discovers the information and informs everyone. They are able to stop Angel and return the infant. Soumya helps her as she becomes caught on a precipice.

After requesting forgiveness, she realises her errors and is arrested. Chintu is shot by the police as he tries to kill Soumya. Chintu eventually repents for his actions after realising Preeto and Soumya's love and affection for him at that moment.

Finale of the Series

Preeto gives the infant the name Shagun. Soumya plans to protect and raise her by revealing her true self. The show comes to a pleasant conclusion with the family reunited.