Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Telefilms produced the Indian Hindi-language television drama series Molkki (lit. 'one who has a price'). It began airing on Colors TV on November 16, 2020, and will end on November 16, 2021.

Priyal Mahajan and Amar Upadhyay star in the film. The series is set in Haryana's Rewari area and centres on the Indian bride-buying ritual known as molkki pratha, in which poor girls are sold as brides to wealthy men.

Purvi, a 19-year-old girl, marries 42-year-old chief Virendra Pratap Singh, a widower and father of two children, and becomes his molkki wife. She fights for the rights of molkki brides while also carrying out her duties as a wife, daughter-in-law, mother, and Rewari chieftess.

Molkki is an Indian ritual in which underprivileged girls are married off to wealthier men in exchange for money. The series' plot centres around Purvi, a poor girl who is forced to marry a Molkki for money.

Purvi marries Virendra Pratap Singh, the head of a hamlet in Haryana's Rewari district and the widowed father of two children.

The strained connection between Virendra's children and Purvi improves over time, and Purvi makes repeated attempts to bring them and their father closer together.

While the family is on a picnic, Vaibhav, Virendra's half-brother, rapes Purvi's sister Priyashi in retaliation for a previous incident, which is captured on film by Anjali, Purvi's and Virendra's sister-in-law.

Purvi loses Virendra's trust after a sequence of events, and he initially refuses to believe her charges against his brother, but she eventually succeeds in exposing Vaibhav's wrongdoings. Virendra requests that Priyu determine the punishment, but she instead chooses to marry Vaibhav.

Virendra fulfils her wish and organises the wedding, despite Anjali's best efforts to prevent it. Vaibhav vows to get vengeance on his brother and hires a hitman to assassinate him during a land auction.

Purvi is able to save Virendra, but he is later attacked by goons hired by his brother as well.

During their honeymoon, Priyu learns of Vaibhav's plans and notifies Purvi, which leads to the arrest of the hired thugs. Purvi then enrols in a local institution to further her education, but she must conceal her privileged position in order to avoid mockery.

Meanwhile, Vaibhav decides to punish Priya for her betrayal, but accidentally murders her by throwing her off a cliff in an attempt to intimidate her.

Purvi suspects Vaibhav of planning to harm his sister and finds overwhelming evidence in his home and from witnesses. Vaibhav purposely urges Virendra to shoot him for his heinous conduct when they confront him, anticipating that his brother will be imprisoned.

He succeeds, and Virendra is imprisoned, while Vaibhav, dressed in a bulletproof jacket, manages to disguise himself and attempt to flee the country with the assistance of Anjali.

Purvi, on the other hand, uncovers her brother-in-plotting law's and so frees her husband from prison. Priyu, on the other hand, is still alive and explains that it was always her intention to have Vaibhav accused of her murder.

Vaibhav is shot by Priyu. Prakashi then promises to wreck Purvi's life in retaliation for Vaibhav's death. She and Anjali try and fail to separate Purvi and Virendra on several occasions.

Purvi is frightened by the image she sees while flying a drone and enraged when she discovers that Anjali is the criminal.

Purvi becomes restless after visiting the cave and wakes up in the middle of the night owing to a nightmare in which she sees a woman in chains. She promises she'll expose her, but she can't.

The woman in shackles is discovered to be none other than Virendra's first wife Sakshi, who was presumed dead five years ago. Purvi and Virendra both fell in love with her quite quickly.

Virendra travels to Goa with his family for his destination wedding with Purvi. Prakashi, on the other hand, devises a cunning strategy to derail their wedding day.

Purvi and Virendra are thrilled as they take their wedding vows, but they are taken aback when Juhi and Manas see Sakshi at the wedding location and rush over to her.

Purvi is taken aback when she discovers Sakshi at her wedding to Virendra, and she is saddened when the wedding is called off. Virendra is caught between two worlds as Sakshi's return changes the dynamics of the whole family, leaving Purvi to pretend to be a helper in the house and Virendra perceiving Purvi in such a light.

Virendra tells Sakshi about everything that happened while she was gone, including how he ended up marrying Purvi. Purvi is about to depart when Sakshi asks her to stay and thanks her for taking care of the family while she was away.

Sakshi also realises that Purvi is not at fault, but rather a victim of fate. When Virendra tries to get closer to her, Purvi pushes him away.

Sakshi makes a major announcement in front of the Panchayats, announcing that Purvi will share her post with her. Sakshi makes Purvi do bizarre rituals while Virendra is abroad on business, making her feel dirty, abused, and embarrassed.

Virendra becomes enraged and interrupts the rite, saving Purvi from further humiliation. Sakshi confronts him about his affections for Purvi after being disturbed by his outburst. He claims that he has begun to like Purvi.

Sakshi cuts her wrist as a result. Purvi begs Virendra to leave Sakshi alone and continue his life with her, but Virendra refuses. As a result, Purvi asks for a divorce.

Purvi is caught in a quandary when Sakshi persuades her to marry Vipul in order to get Virendra to forget about his affections for her. 

When Sakshi approaches Vipul for his opinion, he agrees to marry Purvi. As Purvi's Haldi ceremony begins, Virendra defeats Vipul in a competition, earning the right to apply Haldi to her first. The wedding, however, comes to an abrupt halt when her father refuses to bless the union.

Purvi professes her love for Vipul as he stands steadfast in her defence. Virendra later forbids Purvi from applying turmeric to Vipul. An inebriated Virendra attempts to confront Purvi and Vipul at her wedding ceremony.

In an unexpected turn of events, Virendra is involved in a horrific accident and is knocked out. Virendra assists Purvi in preparing for the wedding after she signs the divorce papers. After learning that the divorce process has been delayed, Virendra rushes back to the wedding scene and whisks Purvi away.

Purvi decides to flee her home after Virendra interrupts her wedding to Vipul, but Virendra stops her. Purvi makes an emotional confession in light of recent events.

Sakshi confesses the shocking truth about her five-year absence, revealing that she plotted with Prakashi and Anjali to evict Purvi from the house.

Purvi was thrown out of the house after she gave her possessions to Prakashi and Anjali. Sakshi is abandoned by Virendra, who informs her that she is not the same girl he knew five years ago. Sakshi, Prakashi, and Anjali are abandoned, and he reclaims all of the property.

Purvi leaves the house, but she is involved in an accident and loses her memory as a result.

6 months later

Purvi has now moved in with Daksh's family. Purvi is the love of Daksh's life, and he want to marry her.