Ishqbaaaz (Lovers) is an Indian romantic drama television series that aired on Star Plus from June 27, 2016 to March 15, 2019. Nakuul Mehta, Surbhi Chandna, Kunal Jaisingh, Shrenu Parikh, Leenesh Mattoo, 

And Mansi Srivastava were among the original cast members. Ishqbaaz: Pyaar Ki Ek Dhinchak Kahaani, featuring Nakuul Mehta and Niti Taylor, premiered in December 2018, marking the show's generational shift.

The family's matriarch, Kalyani Singh Oberoi, has two sons, Tej and Shakti. Omkara, Rudra, and Priyanka are Tej's three children from his marriage to Jhanvi. Shakti has a son, Shivaay, who is the eldest grandchild, and is married to Pinky.

The Oberoi brothers, Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra, have friendships and loves in this novel.

Shivaay crosses encounters with the self-righteous and "khidki-tod" Annika, who confronts him for using money and bloodline to oppress the poor.

Shivaay responds by slapping her with a wad of cash. Assuming he won the conversation, he walks to his car, only to be confronted by Annika, who breaks his windshield glass and slaps him with the same pile of cash, earning him the moniker "khidki-tod."

Dadi, Omkara, and Rudra are shocked and amazed when they discover Annika at the same celebration that they had planned for their grandfather's birthday. Shivaay, on the other hand, ignores her because he is unaware of her heritage or lineage.

Shivaay is adamant that he doesn't have time for love, therefore he intends to marry Tia Kapoor as a commercial transaction. For Shivaay and Tia's forthcoming wedding, Dadi appoints Anika as a wedding planner. Due to misconceptions, his relationship with Annika grows increasingly antagonistic at initially.

Shivaay begins to understand Annika when the misunderstandings are resolved, and they both begin to develop affections for each other. Shivaay, oblivious to the feelings, nevertheless intends to marry Tia.

Shivaay's boyhood friend Daksh shows up at his home and falls in love with Annika at first sight, which quickly becomes an obsession. Daksh, enraged after being rejected twice, tells Shivaay that Annika consented to sleep with him for one night in exchange for money, causing Shivaay to despise her.

On the wedding day of Shivaay and Tia, it is revealed that she is already married to Robin. Due to a series of events, Tia flees her wedding, forcing Shivaay to marry Annika forcibly.

Meanwhile, Omkara runs into Ishana, who introduces herself to him as Bela. Ishana wanted to marry Omkara so she could inherit all of his fortune, so she made up tales to garner his sympathy.

Ishana attempts but fails to deceive both of them, as the three Oberoi brothers attempt to expose her. Ridhima then lies and betrays Omkara, collaborating with his father to make Omkara the Oberoi empire's sole successor. He breaks up with her because he is dissatisfied.

Meanwhile, Rudra has a fortuitous meeting with the adorable and charming Soumya, who calms him while Shivaay's life is threatened. Rudra develops feelings for Romi, a hot fresher, and tries his hardest to win her over.

Soumya shows up to college by coincidence and is delighted to encounter a familiar face, only to be snubbed by Rudra since she was a little chubby and would have harmed his reputation.

Rudra and Soumya marry as a result of the course of events and while under the influence of alcohol, which they decide to keep hidden and forget.

Following a difficult start, Annika and Shivaay work out their differences and eventually fall in love. Together, they reveal Tia's marriage and Mrs. Kapoor's nefarious motives.

Shivaay later declares Annika his wife in front of everyone.

Due to Priyanka's pregnancy, Shivaay arranges her wedding with Ranveer Randhawa, a police officer who despises Priyanka because she was the cause of his sister's death. Ranveer's adopted mother, Kamini Khurana Randhawa, walks in.

Shakti is regularly taunted by Shivaay's brother about Kamini, hence she has a history with Shivaay's father. Kamini and Ranveer have devised a nefarious scheme. In the meantime, Shivaay's doppelganger kidnaps him and kidnaps him from the Oberoi mansion.

When Annika discovers that he is not the actual Shivaay, she becomes suspicious and tries to find and save the real Shivaay.

They uncover the phoney Shivaay, Mahi, by working together. They expose Ranveer and his foster mother, Kamini, who is Shivaay's father's former girlfriend, at the same time. Mahi is revealed to be Kamini's illegitimate son with Shakti, who wants to exploit her son to further the Oberoi fortune. Following that, it's revealed that Priyanka isn't expecting a child.

Pinky opposes Shivaay and Annika's connection and blackmails Annika to leave the marriage as they grow closer. She explains that Mahi is Shivaay's twin brother, not his doppelganger, and that Shivaay is Shakti and Kamini's illegitimate son. Pinky gives Anika three days to go or she will divulge the truth to Shivaay, causing him to be distraught.

Annika, bereft, spills her heart out to Omkara and Rudra, promising that they will never tell Shivaay about their talk. Annika lies that she desires the Oberois' fortune and that she does not want Shivaay to have affairs with his siblings.

Shivaay is enraged by her assertion that Omkara is an illegitimate child, so he divorces her. He had a heart attack after Annika leaves, but is saved. Meanwhile, Omkara marries Gauri Kumari Sharma, despite the fact that she despises her and the concept of love (their storey is shown more in the spinoff series Dil Boley Oberoi).

Rudra falls in love with Bhavya, an undercover ACP on a mission, at a party.

Rudra and Bhavya subsequently exploit him for her objective, faking a marriage so she can hide out at the Oberoi home.

After Three Months

Omkara has been comatose for three months. Shivaay's behaviour has evolved as he has become more emotionless with time. Ragini Malhotra, a well-known lady, develops a crush on Shivaay and wishes to marry him. She fabricates a narrative about her controlling fiancé Siddharth.

She is able to win Shivaay's sympathy. Ragini is Pinky's choice for a daughter-in-law. Annika, who has been despondent, has been living with her best friend Chanda, and she has been unable to find work on several occasions.

Omkara wakes up from his coma, and when he realises how soulless Shivaay has become, he seeks Annika's assistance.

After getting the Oberoi Mansion signed by Omkara, Annika returns to claim it as her own. She assures Omkar that she would assist Shivaay in his recovery. She tries to make Shivaay envious, but her scheme backfires when he claims to have fixed his engagement with Ragini, despite the fact that he doesn't mean it.

In response to Pinky's instruction, Ragini fabricates numerous lies in order to garner Shivaay's sympathies.

Shivaay soon realises that he didn't want to leave Annika at all, but she consciously tried to push him away. He tries to figure out why, while Annika claims to be engaged to Vikram Aditya Thapar, a powerful industrialist. Surprisingly, Vikram participates in the ruse without being asked. Shivaay, on the other hand, exposes Ragini's lies.

Even after being urged to step back, Vikram refuses and manipulates Shivika's predicament. Pinky is enraged when Shivaay and the others rescue Annika from him and bring her home.

She tries to blackmail Annika once more, but Shivaay has other ideas. Pinky had lied about the illegitimate son predicament and was the mastermind behind all machinations, including the false Shivaay, it was found. Shivaay, who is shattered, refuses to recognise Pinky as his mother.

Later, he proposes to Annika in front of the press, which she accepts, and the two begin planning their wedding. In the meantime, Gauri awakens Omkara's inner artist, and Rudra and Bhavya create a unique friendship.

Gauri embarrasses Omkara during an exhibition owing to her poor English and resolves to master the language so that Omkara can call her his wife with pride. She keeps it a secret from everyone except Annika and Shivaay.

As a result, she would leave the house for hours without telling Omkara, causing him to suspect her.

Meanwhile, as Bhavya and Rudra fall in love, she confesses that she is four years older than Rudra, which causes him to reconsider their relationship.

Later, he decides to ignore their age gap and join Bhavya on her journey. But there are misunderstandings, and Bhavya decides to marry Manav, her best friend. Rudra, dejected and disillusioned, taunts Bhavya in front of everyone, which causes Bhavya to slap him and later refuse to marry him.

The wedding of Anika and Shivaay takes place in a happy and serene atmosphere. However, ominous omens follow the marriage, and Shivaay goes missing, only to return later, claiming to have no recollection of Annika and introducing his bride Tanya.

The Oberois have another sibling, Abhay Singh Oberoi, it is revealed. Annika gradually realises that Shivaay is merely pretending to be unaware of Annika's existence. Abhay is also shown to be the mastermind behind the ruse.

Omkara's suspicions about Gauri are reinforced when he discovers Gauri's and another man's names recorded in a hotel register. ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore has also been suspended after being accused of receiving bribes.

Gauri is confronted by Omkara, who chastises her for betraying him. Gauri tears up as she clears up any misunderstandings by showing him proof of her innocence.

In English, she explains the surprise and expresses her genuine love for him. Gauri, however, promises to never intervene in his life again and departs for Bareilly, heartbroken.

Guilty as charged Omkara understands his feelings for Gauri and resolves to reclaim her. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Rudra joins the Oberoi company's fashion division and chooses a suspended Bhavya as his bodyguard.

He dupes her into signing a contract that states she must work for three months before she may leave. He humiliates and berates her, mistaking her for Manav's wife.

On Karwachauth, Omkara appears on Gauri's doorstep dressed as a sardar, whom Gauri fails to identify. Dilpreet Singh is his name, and he moves into their residence on a rental basis. As Dilpreet Singh, he tries to win her heart.

Meanwhile, Shivaay tries to figure out what caused the fire in the Kalyani mills. Later, Annika, Shivaay, Rudra, and Bhavya disguise themselves and travel to Bareilly to assist Omkara in reclaiming Gauri.

Because of her acquaintance, Gauri is forced into an unsuitable marriage. She returns Omkara and the others, but when she realises her fiancé's bad intentions, she tries to flee, only to be kidnapped by the Oberoi brothers and taken back to the Oberoi mansion.

Rudra is lonely because both of his brothers are involved in their own loves, so he organises a trip to Goa for the two of them. Meanwhile, Pinky's cousin Dinky comes, urging Annika and Gauri not to put their trust in their husbands blindly.

On their trip, the Oberoi brothers meet Piya, a dance choreographer who drugs them, dances with them, and records everything on tape.

The boys wake up the next morning completely unaware of what transpired the night before. They rush back home, only to discover that Piya, Dinky's family friend's daughter, is also staying at the Oberoi mansion. Dinky was the mastermind behind the ruse.

Piya threatens to reveal the film in public at first, but eventually realises that they are honest and trustworthy. She takes a step back, but Dinky shows the tape at Dadi's birthday party, only to discover afterwards that the brothers have earned their spouses' trust by being honest.

Annika demands tamarind the next morning as part of a diet plan she was planned to follow. Dinky hears the tamarind and thinks it's a sign of pregnancy. Annika passes out beside the dining table after lunch after going without food for hours.

This confirms Dinky's suspicions, and she goes on to reveal Annika's pregnancy. Later, it is discovered that Annika and Shivaay have not yet consummated their love. After that, they intend to complete and succeed.

Abhay reappears, claiming to be another Oberoi sibling. He also convinces Svetlana to let him into the Oberoi mansion, posing as her husband. Meanwhile, Rudra continues to believe Bhavya is married to Manav, chastises her one more time, and fires her, only to discover she was never married to Manav.

Later, Svetlana uses blackmail to get Shivaay to give her Rudra and Omkara's property.

As a result of the miscommunication between Tej and Shivaay, Shivaay and Annika leave the Oberoi home and embark on their "Vanvas." They depart for Goa, while the Oberoi family and estate are divided.

They meet Veer Pratap Chauhan, their new neighbour in Goa, who turns out to be a stooge for Svetlana to exact revenge on Annika. He tries to drive Annika insane so that Shivaay would abandon her and he can save her.

After failing, he attempts to assassinate Shivaay. Meanwhile, Shivaay and Soumya bring Bhavya and Rudra face to face one final time in his house in Goa before Bhavya departs for abroad, where Rudra reveals his true emotions to her and proposes marriage.

While Rudra plans to marry Shivaay in Goa, Tej administers Gauri's funeral rites after she disobeys his commands. Gauri and Omkara arrive at Shivaay's residence in Goa, disheartened.

With the blessings of their grandmother, the three Oberoi brothers and their wives complete Rudra and Bhavya's pre-wedding rituals.

Soumya explains to Veer that she is Svetlana and Tia's younger sister and that she now wishes to marry Rudra. She teams up with Veer.

Shivaay stops the house deeds from being auctioned after Veer fools Tej into signing them. Simultaneously, he exposes Svetlana and returns to the Oberoi mansion, as everyone blames Tej for the problems, and he departs.

Annika realises Veer isn't who he appears to be on Valentine's Day and tries to warn Shivaay, but Shivaay shoots Annika that night. Panicked and guilty, he unwittingly seeks Veer's assistance.

Shivaay holds a news conference the next day, during which someone plays the leaked footage of Shivaay shooting Annika. A police inspector sends a woman into the house who looks exactly like Annika as Shivaay is ready to be detained.

Shivaay refuses to believe their allegations because he believes he killed her and puts her to numerous tests, all of which she passes.

Later that day, Veer and Shivaay return to the site of Annika's burial and discover the actual Annika in the coffin. Knowing the truth, Veer flees, ShiOmRu unearths Annika, and in a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that Annika's murder and the creation of a fake Anika were both part of Shivika's plan.

Veer is duped into Shiomru's plan by Annika, who is dressed as Kumari Rosie Rani. Veer discloses that he is the son of Roop and hence Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra's cousin at Holi while everyone is inebriated. Annika, with the help of ShiOmRu, dupes Veer into making her his partner. Shivaay afterwards chooses to look into the Kalyani Mills event once more.

Harsh Vardhan Trivedi, the foreman, is discovered. Roop confesses to Veer that she is the one who set fire to the Kalyani Mills and murdered Mr. Kapoor and Harsh. She devises a nefarious scheme. Shivaay also discovers that Annika is Harsh's daughter. Gauri turns out to be Annika's long-lost sister Chukti.