Apna Time Bhi Aayega (translated as "My Time Will Come") is a Hindi-language television drama that airs on Zee TV and is also available digitally on ZEE5. Fahman Khan, Megha Ray, and Vivana Singh play the key characters in the show. 

Megha Ray took over for Anushka Sen after 18 episodes in 2020. Tannaz Irani was cast in the negative role of Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat at first, but she was replaced after 148 episodes due to her inability to film in Goa. In 2021, Vivana Singh took her place. 

 Ved Raj's Shoonya Square Productions produced the series, which premiered on October 20, 2020. On October 16, 2021, the Show aired its final episode.

Rani is a brilliant student at her school and aspires to be an engineer in order to fulfil her father's (Radhameer) ambitions. 

Rani resides in Ballia with her brother Pinku and grandmother. Her father works for the Rajawat family in the city, and her mother has passed away. In Jaipur, Veer Singh Rajawat is a well-known doctor. The Rajawat family is one of Jaipur's wealthiest and most well-known families.

Because of Veer, Rani had an accident. Veer shows her around his house and introduces her to her father. Rani's father was arrested and transported to jail after driving while inebriated and colliding with four people. 

Rani continues her search for proof that he is innocent. She puts her goals on hold and takes over her father's job with the Rajawat family. 

Veer proposes to Kiara. Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat (RaniSa), the matriarch of the Rajawat family, has never shown Veer any love, thus he agrees to marry the lady she chooses for him. Prince Jay Singh arrives at the mansion, intending to marry Nandini, Veer's stepsister.

Jay comes close to forcing Rani, but Veer intervenes and protects her. Veer earns Rani's respect. Rani learns that her father is in prison as a result of Veer's actions. Someone summons Rani to the shrine, claiming to have proof that her father is not guilty. 

However, this was a ruse devised by Jay Singh. Veer went to the same temple to pray as well. When the priests notice Rani, they begin throwing rocks at her because no unmarried woman is allowed to enter the temple. Veer marries Rani in order to save her. 

When the rest of the family learns, they are saddened, and the schism between Rani Sa and Veer widens. Rani Sa leaves the house and instructs her sister, Padmini, to evict Rani.

Except for Rani Sa, Rani captures the hearts of everyone after a sequence of incidents. Rani reveals Jay Singh's bad intentions with the help of Veer, and Nandini's connection with Jay is broken.

Rani has to return to her village to finish the paperwork for her education. Veer is told by Rani Sa to leave Rani in her village. 

Veer visits Rani's village and finds himself surrounded by love. He begins to have trouble telling Rani that he is leaving her. Birju, Rani's childhood friend, returns from abroad and proposes to her. He is devastated to learn that Rani has married someone else.

Veer becomes drunk during one of the wedding rites and attempts, but fails, to convince Rani that he is leaving. Jai's pals kidnap Nandini, but Jai saves her.

This was a ruse devised by Jai. Radhameer's land has been taken over by Bade Bhaiya, a powerful man (translated: Elder Brother). [3] Rani, Birju, and Veer are challenged to a kabaddi match by Bade Bhaiya. 

Vikram brings Kiara (Veer's ex-fiancée) to Rani's hometown. The kabaddi event is won by Veer. Veer's grandmother, Raj Mata, discovers that Veer is an illicit child of her son, Digvijay, rather than an orphan.

Someone throws a stone at Veer, but it hits Rani instead. Birju overhears Veer telling an unconscious Rani that he is unable to tell her that he is leaving her. 

Birju and Veer travel to obtain medicines for Rani the next day, but Birju sends thugs after Veer and orders him to leave Rani because he has learned his truth. Birju takes a step back and prepares to shoot Veer. Birju is stopped by Rani. 

Veer assists Surti Devi (Rani's cow) in giving birth and intends to reveal the truth to Rani, but her grandmother begs Veer to assist Radhameer in proving his innocence. 

Rani interrogates Veer about the circumstances surrounding her father's detention, but before Veer can respond, Rani Sa arrives from Jaipur and interrupts them.

Rani Sa reveals the idea to Rani, and Rani instructs Veer to leave towards the city.

The villagers become enraged when Kiara provokes them, and they begin mocking Rani, attempting to remove her Sindoor and referring to her as a widow. 

After a physical altercation between Vikram and Veer, Veer understands that what he did was wrong. Veer intervenes to prevent the locals from removing Rani's Sindoor and returns her to the village. Veer says he can't guarantee he won't hurt her again.

Rani Sa accepts Rani as her bahu when they arrive in Jaipur (daughter-in-law).

She moves Rani to Veer's room from the servant's quarters. Jai enlists Champa's assistance in his attempt to win Nandini's heart. On Valentine's Day, Rani Sa throws a party during which she discloses to everyone that Rani is the daughter-in-law of the Rajawat family, making Kiara envious. 

Kumud wishes to keep a secret from the family, but Digvijay forbids her, making Rajmata suspicious. Due to a previous adulterous affair between Kumud and Digvijay, it is revealed that she is Veer's biological mother. 

When Dadi Sa learns, she is upset and demands that they inform Rani Sa. This is also revealed to be the reason why Rani Sa refused to embrace Veer.

Later, Rani Sa tells Rani that her father is counting down the days till he dies, and that the court will make a decision soon. She claims she never accepted Rani and that she was simply pretending to enjoy her. 

Rani's lawyer withdraws from the lawsuit, leaving her upset. Rani Sa attempts to obstruct her route as much as she can. Rani Sa set fire to the chamber where Rani was after the Basant Panchami. Veer, on the other hand, comes to her rescue. 

Rani Sa tries to sever ties with them in a variety of ways.

On the day of Ramadheer's hearing, goons attack him, injuring Rani as well. When Veer saw Rani in this position, he decided to turn himself in to the cops, freeing Ramadheer. 

Rani believes Veer is innocent and assists him in obtaining bail. In an attempt to show Veer's innocence, she recreates the accident scene, but the car's brakes fail, causing the car to collide with a tree, injuring her on the forehead. 

Rani discovers that it was Rani Sa who caused the tragedy since Vikram was very drunk on the day of Veer's engagement and drove elsewhere. Fortunately, the police officers discovered Vikram and contacted Rani Sa before he could harm anyone.

Rani Sa caused the disaster when she went to pick up Vikram. Radhameer was asked to take the fall. Jai Singh secretly tapes Rani Sa accepting responsibility and hands it over to the cops. 

Jai Singh kidnaps Rani Sa after she is arrested. Veer later succeeds in rescuing Rani from her kidnappers. 

Rani and Veer's romance blossoms, and the two spend a lovely night together while Kiara's memory fades. Vikram and Kiara married after getting drunk at a Valentine's Day party, according to reports.

Rajeshwari reappears and confuses Veer and Rani, leading Veer to believe that Rani is having an affair with Birju. Rani Sa ousts Rani because Veer pretends to be married to Kiara, but she returns and warns Rani Sa, demanding a large quantity of money from the Rajawats. 

She is distraught when she sees Veer's mistrust of her and returns to her village. Along with Kiara and Vikram, Veer also arrives. Veer apologises to Rani after a sequence of events and multiple machinations and schemes orchestrated by RaniSa and her accomplices.

Veer discovers RaniSa's ruse and confronts her, prompting her to demand that he choose between her and Rani. Veer causes an accident while pondering the two options. Rajeshwari warns Rani not to return to the Rajawat residence, but she ignores her and does so. 

After that, Rani enrols in college in Jaipur, while Veer develops feelings for a strange patient in his hospital. While RaniSa plans to marry Jay and Nandini, Rani resolves to stop them and swears full war on Jai.

When a sequence of circumstances, Jai and Nandini marry after Veer and Rani fail to call off their wedding. Ranvijay, Veer's biological father, is revealed to be the mysterious patient. Rajamata's older son is Ranvijay. 

It's also revealed that he and the Rajawat family have a murky background. Veer is proven to be Rajeshwari and Ranvijay's biological son, but Ranvijay begins scheming a heinous act, which is discovered by Rani, and she is kidnapped by him.