Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is an Indian television show that airs on StarPlus and is also available on Disney+ Hotstar as a digital release. It started on January 12, 2009, and as of 2019, it was the longest-running Indian television soap opera, having aired over 3000 episodes.

It previously starred Hina Khan, Karan Mehra, Shivangi Joshi, and Mohsin Khan and was produced by Rajan Shahi under Director's Kut Productions. It will star Harshad Chopda, Pranali Rathod, and Karishma Sawant as the show's third generation begins in October 2021. 

A spin-off, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, starring Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh, premiered in March 2019. Mishti, Naira's cousin, and Abir's love storey were the focus of the series. In October 2020, the series came to a conclusion after 355 episodes.

What's This Relationship Called, Star Plus' most popular show, has celebrated several milestones throughout the years. Now it's time for another celebration at home, as Leeds Mohsin Khan and Shewangi Joshi have completed 1,200 episodes together on the show.

Fans refer to Mohsin and Shewangi as Kaira, the most popular character on television. They've both tried to make their audience fall in love with them by using their powerful and relevant chemistry. The couple has gone through many ups and downs over the course of 1,200 episodes and has grown stronger together on TV. Furthermore, the trust they have placed in each other is rarely seen these days, despite the fact that it is something that certain couples demonstrate on a regular basis. That's all there is to it.

Thanks to Rajan Shahi, the show's creator and producer, for producing a show that has lasted so long. In recent episodes, the show has felt a little disjointed, but it appears like the YRKKH crew is in for a treat. Kaira's trip has undoubtedly been a roller coaster ride, and we hope to witness some of the highlights in the upcoming episodes.

YRKKH Full Story

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The storey of Akshara Maheshwari and Naitik Singhania was the starting point for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Both characters are from Marwari joint households, and their marriage is recommended by the family's spiritual advisor. In an arranged marriage, Akshara and Naitik slowly grow in love with each other, face challenges as members of huge families, and become parents to small children.

The show also features the stories of their cousins, parents, and extended family members.
After roughly 7 years on the air, the show's plot shifted to the next generation, focusing primarily on Naitik and Akshara's daughter Naira and her husband, Kartik Goenka.

After Naira and Kartik's 5-year adventure, the tale shifted gears to focus on Naira, Kartik, and Sirat's daughters, Akshara and Aarohi Goenka.

The Maheshwaris are seeking to establish an alliance for their daughter, Akshara, at the start of the show. She eventually develops a liking for Naitik Singhania after a few arrangements. The show also tells the stories of the show's supporting characters. Naitik and Akshara are getting married soon, while her brother Shaurya marries Varsha, one of Naitik's greatest friends. 

Rashmi and Nandini, Naitik's sisters, marry around the same time. Akshara has a son named Naksh. Nandini adopts a son named Yash, and Varsha and Shaurya have a daughter named Ananya. However, Naitik gets involved in an accident and slips into a coma, so Akshara raises Naksh.

After four years

The show jumps ahead to a point where Naksh has grown into a naughty boy who is estranged from his father. After Naitik heals, they strive to become closer. After the death of Naitik's mother, Gayatri, Rajshekhar considers remarriage. He marries Devyani, who arrives with her two children, Muskaan and Naman, in the storyline.

Rashmi gives birth to a girl, Gayatri, who is named after her mother. Nandini and Mohit have a second son, Anmol, as well as a daughter, Naira, with Akshara and Naitik. Soon after, Bhabhima, Naitik's aunt, loses her husband in an accident that is blamed on Akshara. Akshara and Naitik pack their belongings and relocate to Cape Town with their children.

After ten years

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai after 10 years

The show shifts gears once more, and all of the youngsters are depicted as teenagers. Naksh visits Singhania's residence in Udaipur for his college exchange programme, and the family is reunited. Akshara is forgiven by Bhabhima, and the family returns to Udaipur. Naksh and Tara fall in love and marry, however their marriage falls apart owing to adjustment challenges. Naira becomes involved with her best friend's abusive boyfriend, who dies after a skirmish, and her friend falls off a train. Naira flees the city, fearing police retaliation.

After 7 years

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai After 7 years

Naira is shown in Rishikesh, which is a new jump for the show. Tina is her new name, and she now lives in an orphanage. Naira makes a profession by guiding tourists and stealing them on occasion. She meets Kartik Goenka while looking at rafters, and they begin fighting. Meanwhile, both families in Udaipur continue to dispatch search groups in search of her. Varsha and Akshara come to Rishikesh to aid an orphanage and attend a huge Aarti ceremony, but they have no idea that this is the same orphanage where Tina dwells.

Tina is eventually discovered to be Naira, but she refuses to return to Udaipur, blaming Akshara for not protecting her earlier. Akshara saves the orphanage from foreclosure in exchange for Naira's homecoming. Kartik, who assisted Akshara in finding a place to stay in Rishikesh, is hired by Naitik's company. Naira and Akshara eventually reconcile. Naira and Kartik begin to develop affections for each other soon after.

Akshara, Naira, Gayatri, and Kartik travel to Switzerland to investigate Naitik's disappearance, which Naman orchestrated. Kartik confesses his feelings to Naira, and Naira's cousin Gayatri falls in love with him as well. Naira suppresses her sentiments after learning this. Kartik and Naira's love for each other is revealed by Mishti, Naman and Karishma's daughter, and the family welcomes them. Due to his father's remarriage, Kartik is estranged from his family. Naira tries to bring them together.

Mansi, Kartik's cousin, mistakenly runs over Akshara and she dies as a result of her injuries. Kartik is held responsible for the disaster, and the pair splits up. They learn about Mansi months later. The Goenkas are forgiven by the Singhanias and Maheshwaris, and Naira and Kartik marry.

Naira is able to bring Kartik and the Goenkas together. She also learns that Kartik's sister Keerti is a victim of domestic violence, and she exposes her husband Aditya. Aditya is kicked out of the family, and Keerti's grandma begins to prepare her remarriage. She persuades Naksh to marry Keerti because they are good friends, and he agrees for the sake of Naira, but subsequently grows fond of her.

Swarna, Kartik's stepmother's son Shubham, is a drug addict, according to the account. When Naira is asked to hide his addiction from his family, he does so and helps him rehabilitate, but Shubham fails and dies. Swarna discovers that Naira had known about him all along and exiles her. Naira decides to leave the Goenkas.

After two years

YRKKH After two years

After a two-year hiatus, the show returns with Naira and Kartik living separately. Kartik accepts a position as a professor at a Mumbai college. Naira, by chance, decides to continue her education and enrols in the same college. Swarna, on the other hand, is attempting to marry Kartik to Aashi, a childhood friend. When Naira realises Swarna's state, she decides to leave. The couple submits a divorce petition.

They realise their mistake once the divorce is finalised and wish to remarry right after, but their families disapprove. Naira is later diagnosed with a clot in her brain. Swarna is informed that she is fine with Kartik's remarriage. Naira realises she does not want Kartik to marry Aashi and enacts his marriage. Kartik pays a visit to Naira in the hospital and proposes to her there. Naira recovers from her operation and returns to the Goenka villa.

Naira and Keerti got pregnant after it, but Naira loses her baby and Keerti goes into a coma. To fix the matter, Kartik passes over Keerti's son to Naira, but the families find out later, and Naksh abducts Naira to the Singhanias. Naira is involved in an accident and loses her memories as a result. Before Naira recovers and they reconnect, Kartik reintroduces himself to her and they replay as friends.

Manish Goenka, Kartik's father, loses his business and becomes ill. Naira joins Kartik at work, and her fresh ideas are welcomed. Mihir, a business adversary, suggests a merger, and Kartik suspects him because of his relationship with Naira. Naira leaves the house and goes to Chandu to get her long-lost new-born son, but she is involved in an accident and is assumed dead.

After 5 years

YRKKH After 5 years

The show leaps forward 5 years. Naira and their son Kairav live in Goa, while Kartik and the Goenka family are still grieving over Naira's death. Vansh, Gayatri, and Samarth's son are close to Kartik, and he brings him joy. He brings Vedika home, a young woman whose dead father had asked Kartik to look after her.

Vedika is smitten by Kartik, and his grandmother advises them to remarry. Kartik agrees, but he soon encounters Kairav, who is ill, and is reacquainted with Naira. Vedika's storey arc concludes as Kairav heals, and Kartik and Naira's custody struggle ends as they rediscover their love.

Later, Kartik's cousins Luv and Kush return from boarding school, having transformed into disrespectful men. They kidnap Naira's dance pupil Trisha and molest her with their friend Abhishek, the son of a renowned lawyer Jhaveri, after being threatened by her outspoken rebukes to their shenanigans. Naira and Kartik fight the entire family as well as the unscrupulous Jhaveri to bring Trisha justice, and they eventually succeed in having them imprisoned.

Soon after, Naira gives birth to a girl whom she names Kaira and refers to as Akshara after her mother. Naira also becomes pregnant again and gives birth to a daughter whom Kartik refers to as Aarohi.

After 8 Years

yrkkh After 8 Years

Aarohi becomes envious of Kaira after 8 years. Kartik perishes in a plane disaster, while Naira perishes after falling off a cliff on her way to Kaira. Aarohi blames Kaira for Naira's death and grows to despise her, shocking both the Singhania and Goenka families.

After 12 years

yrkkh After 12 years

Kairav, Kaira, and Aarohi have reached adulthood. Akshara is a musician who has matured into a sweet and pure young lady. She returns to the Goenkas and finds that everyone loves her, except Aarohi, who has turned into a selfish doctor who despises her.

Parallel Stories Of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

This presentation features a lot of parallel stories. From their parents and elders to their children and stepchildren, they have a diverse group of relatives.

The stories of their parents, Rajshri and Vishambharnath, as well as Rajshekhar and Gayatri/Devyani, their aunts (Bhabhima), grandparents, and mostly their siblings (Shaurya, Rashmi, and Naitik's cousin Nandini) and friends (Varsha, Mohit), as well as the children (Anshu, Ananya, Kuhu, Gayatri, Yash, Anmol, and others

The storylines of Naksh, Naira, and Kartik's siblings and cousins (Ananya-Ranveer, Gayatri-Vivaan/Samarth, Yash-Rose, Anmol-Mansi, and Kartik's sister Keerti-Aditya/Naksh, as well as his cousins Luv, Kush), and their uncles Akhilesh and Samarth) were explored with Naksh,

Mishti and Kuhu of the Maheshwari household, as well as their love interests Abir and Kunal of the Rajvansh home in Rajkot, were the subjects of a spin-off storey released in 2019.