Udaariyaan Drama Colors TV broadcasts the Indian television drama serial Udaariyaan. It aired on March 15, 2021, and was produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, Isha Malviya, and Karan Grover star in the film.

Udaariyaan Drama Colors TV

Tejo Kaur Sandhu and Jasmin Kaur Sandhu, sisters with opposing personalities, begin the storey in Moga, Punjab. Jasmin is a naive, naïve, and exuberant college girl who aspires to live in Canada.

Tejo is a responsible, mature Lecturer who wants to stay in her hometown and pursue her dream of becoming a Psychology Professor without having to leave her family. Fateh Singh Virk is a Boxer who adores Jasmin and hopes to marry her one day.

When Fateh learns that Jasmin will only marry someone who has settled in Canada, he starts looking for work there. Jasmin and Fateh become closer once he finds a job there.

Tejo has arranged a marriage with a man named Jass who lives in Canada. After the wedding, Jass flees, and it is discovered that he is a con artist who has defrauded several families.

Tejo's life has been wrecked. Fateh discovers that his employment in Canada has some issues just days before his and Jasmin's wedding. After learning the truth, Jasmin leaves Fateh and refuses to marry him in front of everyone.

Fateh is devastated. Tejo tries to persuade Jasmin to return to Fateh and marry him, but she refuses. Fateh and Tejo are forced to marry for the sake of their family's prestige.

Soon after, Jasmin realises that she misses Fateh and begins plotting nefarious schemes to reclaim Fateh. The Sandhu family arranges for Jasmin to meet a Canadian man named Gippy. Only to make Fateh jealous, Jasmin agrees to marry Gippy.

She declares her love for Fateh and feigns the burning of her passport to prove it. Fateh cheats on Tejo with Jasmin because he hasn't moved on. Tejo is devastated when she learns of it and tells the truth to her family, who are outraged and upset. Tejo and Fateh are divorcing.

Tejo meets Angad Maan, a businessman and investor who is an NRI. Tejo's goals, proposal, and vision have pleased Angad. Fateh and Jasmine start making plans for their wedding.

Fateh and Jasmin's families agree that they will not attend their weddings unless Tejo and Angad marry. Tejo tells Angad that their engagement will be a ruse because she isn't ready for her third marriage.

Tejo made a condition in front of Khushbeer and Rupy that just her and Angad's engagement, not marriage, would go place since she needed time.

They agree, but Khushbeer adds a condition: Angad's engagement will go place on the same day and at the same location as Jasmin and Fateh's wedding, which she accepts.

Fateh sends Jasmin a ticket to Canada as a surprise before the wedding and promises that there will be more surprises in store for her. Fateh and Jasmin are getting married soon. Fateh's family confronts him and becomes outraged at his decision to move to Canada, but they eventually reconcile.

Tejo tells Rupy the truth about her phoney engagement and informs him that she is leaving so that she can live in peace and forget about her past.

Fateh asks Jasmine for her boarding pass and passport as they prepare to board their flight, and then burns both of them. Jasmine is taken aback and yells at Fateh, who is watching and laughing.

He discloses that their marriage was a ruse, that they only went through six rounds instead of seven, and that the pandit was a performer. Fateh further admits that he now realises Jasmin was faking her love for Tejo and merely wanted to humiliate him.

He claims that all he wants now is for Tejo to be happy with Angad. Jasmin apologises for her wrongdoings, but she is shunned by everyone and left alone. Jasmin decides to ruin Tejo and Fateh's lives.

Tejo, Jasmin believes, is to blame for the breakup of her and Fateh's relationship. She begins her search for information about their whereabouts. Sweety promptly informs her that Fateh has left and is no longer in Moga.

She continues to spread the word that she and Fateh are in Canada by posting a photo on social media.

Tejo, on the other hand, is on the lookout for work. She's perplexed by Angad's behaviour in comparison to Riya and the other kids. Later, Angad explains that Riya is the daughter of his older brother, Arjun Maan, who died in a car accident.

udarian written updates

After the huge success of Udaariyaan, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta are returning with another ground-breaking show with a novel concept. Swaran Ghar has been the most awaited show in recent times, and the duo has finally decided to air the show's promo.

Sangita Ghosh and Ronit Bose Roy are among the cast members of the show, and the storey of Swaran and Kanwaljeet is a first for television. Swaran and Kanwaljeet are shown playing board games in the trailer, with nostalgic music playing in the background.

While they're talking about their lives, Kanwaljeet suggests getting divorced, but Swaran is hesitant, wondering, "How would we leave such a long relationship?" Kanwal responds that if a relationship has already been broken and there is no way to save it, they should end it.

The cast of Swaran Ghar has officially debuted their first look, and both the boys and their parents are gearing up to shoot for the show. Take a look at the photos:

Indeed, the show is comparable to Baghban, with three sons, but none of them wanted to take on their parents' responsibilities, whilst the parents are now adamant about their decision to divorce such children and live blissfully without them.

The concept is new to television, and the first promo has already piqued the interest of viewers. We're looking forward to seeing everything the exhibition has to offer.

Udaariyaan February 2022 Written Update

Gurpreet returns home in today's episode and prevents Fateh from leaving. She wants to know where he's going. He tells himself that he is going to consult a lawyer.

She requests that he not deceive her. Fateh wishes to take Amrik's blame on himself, Gurpreet informs the family. Khushbeer claims that he will employ the greatest lawyer to defend Fateh and that he will not allow Fateh to suffer as a result of his marriage to Jasmine.

Rupy is introduced to Jasmine. Fateh and Tejo have also arrived to meet her, she informs him. He expresses regret for being her father's daughter. In front of Tejo, Angad accepts his error. She loses her cool with him and becomes outraged. He claims he is partly to blame for Fateh's and his family's misery.

The family invites Fateh to join them in front of Jasmine so that they may face her collectively. Fateh claims that he is to blame and that Amrik should not be penalised for his errors. Gurpreet advises him to marry Jasmine and stay at the house if he wants to be punished.

Rupy informs Jasmine that he will sell his properties in order to help her obtain a Canada visa and requests that she leave the area.

Tejo is informed by Angad that Jasmine lied to him as well; he did not help her in the crime, but he is involved. He reveals the fictitious accident. He invites her to see Fateh and tell them the truth.

If Fateh leaves, Gurpreet threatens to kill herself. Gurpreet is being pursued by Fateh and his family. Tejo receives an apology from Angad. Tejo expresses gratitude to him for revealing the truth.

Rupy learns of Jasmine's plans for vengeance. Tejo attempts to contact Fateh, but he does not respond. Fateh informs Gurpreet that he will not be leaving. Fateh calls Jasmine and tells her that he understands her situation and is willing to accept it.

Rupy hears the news from Jasmine. Tejo's scooty malfunctions. To go to Fateh, she rushes along the road. The drums are brought in by Jasmine. Amrik is terrified of her. Tejo is racing against the clock to get to Fateh.