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In today's episode, Natasha informs Prithvi that her plan to electrocute Preeta is in the works, to which Sherlyn responds that the plan will fail.

Preeta takes the stage and reveals the Luthra township project's surprise aspect. Natasha pokes Sherlyn and tells her not to let Preeta touch the electric microphone.

Sameer overhears the discussion and immediately informs Karan. Then, just as Preeta is about to touch the microphone, Karan grabs her and announces that he wants to dance with his wife today.

In the meantime, Sameer silences the microphone and saves Preeta. The latter inquires as to why Karan is dancing with her, to which Karan responds that she may receive an electric shock if she touches the microphone.

Preeta exits the stage, and Natasha seizes the moment to dance with Karan. She dances with Karan to make Preeta jealous, and the latter thanks her for helping them save Preeta's life.

Natasha realises Karan misinterpreted her meaning and believes she was trying to protect Preeta from an electric shock.

Preeta's ideas amaze the investors, who decide to increase their investment in the project. Prithvi becomes enraged and follows through with his plan of scaring Mahesh Luthra and bringing him to the party to demonstrate that the face of Luthra's company is a madman.

To scare Mahesh, he takes the snake charmer into the basement. The snake is then left on Mahesh's breast.

Karan, on the other hand, asks Preeta if she's okay, and she thanks him for saving her life. Preeta is asked by Karan not to separate herself from her because if he does the same, he will never return.

Natasha overhears them talking and decides to keep Preeta away from Karan. Kritika becomes enraged when Rakhi compliments Preeta's efforts and ideas, claiming that the credit should go to Prithvi because he has been in charge of the firm for the previous two years.

Prithvi impatiently awaits the snake charmer's plan to be carried out.

Kundali Bhagya Episode Full Story

Ekta Kapoor's Kundali Bhagya (The Fate of Our Horoscope) is an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama television series. It premiered on Zee TV on July 12, 2017. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Sanjay Gagnani, Anjum Fakih, Abhishek Kapur, Manit Joura, and Supriya Shukla appear in this Kumkum Bhagya spin-off series.

Preeta and Srishti Arora left their village of Nasik following the death of their father, Raghuveer Arora, who urged his daughters to travel to Mumbai and reconnect with their mother, Sarla, before dying. Raghuveer and Sarla had already split up, with Sarla taking custody of Pragya and Bulbul and Raghuveer taking Preeta and Srishti with him.

Preeta meets the Luthra family and works as a physiotherapist for their matriarch, Bani Luthra, whose younger grandson Karan, a popular cricketer, has an adversarial relationship with her, whereas the elder grandson Rishabh, a successful business tycoon, has a cordial relationship with her and gradually develops one-sided feelings for her.

Preeta finds Sherlyn isn't the girl everyone thinks she is after Rishabh and Sherlyn get engaged. She learns that Sherlyn has a boyfriend and confides in Karan her concerns.

To defend Rishabh from Sherlyn, Karan and Preeta form an alliance, which grows into friendship and then love. Preeta's engagement to Sherlyn's boyfriend, Prithvi Malhotra, is set in the meantime.

Both Karan and Rishabh are nervous about Prithvi and quickly recognise that he isn't the appropriate match for her. Karan and Preeta strive to expose Sherlyn at the same time, while Karan and Rishabh try to persuade Preeta and her family about Prithvi.

Despite Preeta's best efforts, Rishabh and Sherlyn marry, and a furious Karan vows to exact revenge on Preeta for ruining his brother's life. Karan arranges a groom exchange and marries Preeta without her knowing during her wedding to Prithvi a few weeks later.

He persuades her and her family that he married Preeta out of love while the truth is that it was all for vengeance.

The night following their wedding, a sad and enraged Karan approaches Preeta, declaring his hatred for her and abandoning her on the side of the road in the dead of night. Karan later tells his family that he married Preeta to exact revenge.

Mahira Khanna, Karan's childhood friend, visits the Luthra house because she is studying in the region. She then reveals that she has always adored Karan and that she wishes to marry him.

The Luthra family persuades Karan to marry Mahira. Preeta overhears Sherlyn and Mahira plotting to assassinate Mahesh after Karan's wedding because he knows their reality.

She follows Karan's lead and arranges a bride swap, marrying Karan for the second time. Luthras become enraged and drag her out the house.

Preeta returns, accompanied by a women's rights NGO and police, who support her and pressure the Luthras to welcome her. Preeta is finally accepted as Karan's wife. They gradually regain feelings and trust for one another.

For the sake of his faltering business, Akshay decides to marry Kritika. Preeta suspects Akshay and intends to divorce him; however, Akshay cancels his marriage to Kritika, and the Luthra family believes Preeta is to blame.

Kritika walks out of the house. Later, Prithvi arrives at the Luthra residence with Kritika and declares her to be his bride.

When Sherlyn learns that Prithvi married Kritika, he cries down, but Prithvi consoles her by telling her that he merely came to the Luthra house to ruin them. Throughout all of this, Akshay blackmails Kritika for money in exchange for the intimate photos he obtains from her.

Preeta assists Kritika, but during the scuffle, Akshay passes out. Preeta is apprehended by the police, who suspect her of murdering Akshay. After putting in a lot of effort to prove Preeta's innocence, Karan accepts responsibility and gets detained. Sherlyn is revealed to be the true murderer.

Karan is released from prison after the judge finds all of the claims against him to be false; nonetheless, Sherlyn is still not found guilty and is not apprehended.

Sherlyn and Mahira intend to kill Preeta by causing a truck accident. Mahira, on the other hand, pushes a pregnant Sherlyn onto the road instead of Preeta, and Sherlyn is the victim of the accident.

Sherlyn is saved by doctors, but the baby is terminated. When Luthras discovers the truth, he expels Mahira from the house. Kritika and Prithvi marry a few days later.

After three months

The news that Preeta is expecting twins brings joy to the family. Then Sonakshi, Karan's college buddy, arrives to invite the Luthras to her wedding in Lonavala, and Preeta attends the hospital, only to discover that she is not pregnant and infertile.

Preeta, who is upset, intends to keep the truth hidden till Sonakshi's wedding is over. Preeta tells Karan that she isn't pregnant and will never be able to have children, which shocks and traumatises Karan, but he still supports and consoles Preeta. Sonakshi overhears their talk and tells them that she will not tell anyone the truth.

She then takes them to a qualified gynaecologist, who assures Preeta that she has a possibility of becoming pregnant and instructs her to begin treatment after Sonakshi's wedding.

Rajat (Sonakshi's fiancé) breaks the wedding barely a moment before filling her hairline as Sonakshi's wedding ceremonies begin.

Sonakshi gave birth to a girl a few years ago, according to Rajat's uncle. Sonakshi later admits that Karan is the father of her child and goes on to divulge much more.

Karan had impregnated Sonakshi years before, while they were both drunk after a party. Karan had forgotten about it, but Sonakshi had recalled. The kid died soon after birth, according to Sonakshi's father. When the family arrives in Mumbai, Karan and Preeta work out their differences and reconcile.

Kareena urges Preeta and Karan to adopt a child after learning the truth about Preeta's pregnancy. They accept. Pihu is the name of the girl they adopt.

Sonakshi returns to the Luthra house the next day, saying she wants to meet her child who is staying there. Pihu is revealed to be Karan and Sonakshi's daughter. Sonakshi's father, who had been lying to Sonakshi, found her alive and took her to an orphanage.

Due to her medical condition, the Luthra family allows her to stay in the house. Sonakshi and Sherlyn later work together to ruin Preeta's life.

Preeta informs Rishabh that Sherlyn and Prithvi are having an illicit relationship. He confronts them and demands that they tell the truth, despite the fact that they both reject the claims levelled against them.

Rishabh confronts Sherlyn the next morning after discovering her earring in Prithvi's blazer. Rishabh decides to call it quits on his relationship with Sherlyn. Rishabh leaves the house and gets wasted at a restaurant.

When he returns the next morning, the police arrive unexpectedly and arrest Rishabh for attempted murder. Preeta, Karan, Srishti, and Sameer join forces to clear Rishabh. Sandeep, who previously accused Rishabh of attempted murder, is now working with Prithvi to eliminate Rishabh.

Preeta soon discovers the truth and tries to get Sandeep to tell the truth in court. When Sandeep realises that Prithvi is only using him and won't offer him anything in return, he agrees to tell the truth in court.

Prithvi tries but fails to assassinate Sandeep, exposing the entire Luthra family. Prithvi has been arrested on charges of cheating and attempted murder. Prithvi now despises Preeta and plans to exact vengeance on her in the near future. Rishabh has been found not guilty and has returned home for Diwali.

Sonakshi plots against Preeta once more, and Pihu suffers as a result of her schemes, but everyone blames Preeta for being negligent towards Pihu, except Karan. Sherlyn learns that Sonakshi sent Preeta false reports in order to convince her that she would be unable to conceive.

She had always suspected that Preeta may conceive, therefore she stayed at the Luthra house to administer the medicine that would unwittingly prevent Preeta from conceiving. Rishabh breaks up with Sherlyn and leaves the house without telling his family the truth.

Sonakshi sets up a trap for Preeta and the Luthra family the next day. She kidnaps Pihu with the help of her hired goons and turns the entire family against Preeta. Preeta saves Pihu and takes her to the hospital, where she learns from a doctor that Pihu is an orphaned child whose mother died giving birth to her.

Preeta is taken aback when she learns that Sonakshi has been lying all along and that Pihu is not Karan's and Sonakshi's true daughter.

Preeta and Pihu are killed by Sonakshi's hired assassin. He causes an accident in which Pihu dies, and the entire Luthra family holds Preeta responsible, and she is ejected from the house.

Karan later kicks Sonakshi out of the house for pushing him to marry her. Preeta and her grandma are on their way to Bangalore.

After two years

Preeta returns home and begins working as a physiotherapist in a clinic, where she learns about the events of the previous two years in Mumbai.

Prithvi, who was recently released from prison, has taken over the Luthras' home and business, while Mahesh is mentally sick. Preeta has decided to play a negative role in front of the Luthras in order to expel Prithvi from the house and business.