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Bondita is pleading with Batuk to give her children. Batuk chuckles. Isn't A Mum's Call Able To Melt You, Sampoorna? He claims that her love is all a ruse.

Bondita's pain is real, a mother's call for her children is real, and if she can't meet them, she will die, according to Trilochan. Batuk inquires, "What did you say?" She Will Die, Superb, and Perfect come to mind.

Bondita Came To This House As A Child, Anirudh Saved Her From Sati, He Made Her Life, Bondita Wanted To Argue And Make A Difference, She Went To School Because Anirudh Fought For Her Rights,

She Broke The Chain To Get Education, Then During Her Periods, Girls Weren't Allowed To Go Out, But Bondita Went Out And Broke Another Chain, A Woman's Place Is In Her Husband's

But this time, my chain will entrap her, and she will perish there; I will transport Anirudh's final signs to Italy, where I will raise and love them. Anirudh will be arriving soon.

The Babies Begin to Cry. Bondita yells, "Batuk, open the door!" She makes a prayer to Durga Maa. She notices a large hammer rod nearby. She slams the door shut.

Sampoorna utters a prayer. Bondita can't break these chains, according to Batuk. A section of the door shatters. Bondita enters and says to Batuk, "Leave my Babies."

They are Anirudh's children, not yours, he claims. She claims, "I Just Broke A Part Of The Door," adding, "If Needed, I Will Break This Entire Haveli." Wait and see what happens when a mother transforms into Durga Maa. He chuckles.

Stop yourselves, Batuk, Trilochan screams. You Can't Stop Bondita From Meeting Her Kids, Says Sampoorna, If You Know A Woman Is A Symbol Of Power.

Batuk makes his way upstairs. Bondita is summoned by him. He claims you enjoy playing with fire, so cross this fire and show him. He throws kerosene and a matchstick down. Bondita is engulfed in flames.

He claims that Anirudh had to marry you to save you from Sati, that you became a Roy Choudhary, that he despised, that he will seek vengeance, and that this unfinished ritual will be completed.

She screams for assistance. Shout louder, he says. He laughs and walks away. Anirudh arrives at the location. He is startled and exclaims Bondita..... Bondita, too, is taken aback when she sees him. Pati Babu, she exclaims....

He rises from his wheelchair and falls to the ground. She yells at him. Jai Durge....performs.... He rushes to a nearby water pump and fills it with water. Pati Babu Is Alive, She Believes My Belief Was Correct. He gets it and extinguishes the fire. Mai Ladunga....Enjoys... Bondita weeps and embraces him. Save Our Children, she says.

He inquires, "What do you mean?" Our Twin Children, she says, you have become a father. He grins. But Batuk is snatching them away from us, she claims. He inquires, "What do you mean?"

She claims that the day you were swept away by the storm, Batuk arrived, and he believes I am to blame for your death. He yells Batuk and dashes to the door to slam it shut. Bondita observes and remembers Anirudh and her experiences. They are able to gain access to the interior of the house.

They Notice The Babies Sitting On The Sofa. He claims that our children... She smiles and nods. The Locked Door Is Opened By Trilochan. There are Trilochan, Sampoorna, Somnath, and Bihari.

Anirudh is hugged by Trilochan. Batuk has arrived. When he sees Anirudh, he says, "Big D." He chuckles. Anirudh slaps him across the face.

He tells her not to take my name, that she has no ties to me or her family, and that she should leave the house. Batuk is taken aback and walks away. You Came At The Right Time, Says Sampoorna,

You Are Bondita's Rakshak Babu. Trilochan expresses gratitude to Durga Maa for safely delivering Anirudh to us.

Yes, you are here because of Durga Maa's blessings, Bondita says, and we should take the children to Durga Maa first. We're all here because of her, Anirudh says emphatically.

Anirudh and Bondita offer Durga Maa a prayer. He claims, "Our Children Have Come Out Of The Problems; I Am Sure They Will Raise Their Voice Against Bad Customs And Break The Chains; They Will Carry On Our Legacy And Become Barrister Babu." Aaja Tujhko.... performs... When they see their babies, they smile.

The show comes to a happy ending.

Barrister Babu Drama Full Story

Barrister Babu is a Hindi-language social drama television series that aired on Colors TV on February 11, 2020 and ran till November 12, 2021. Shashi Sumeet Productions is in charge of the production. Pravisht Mishra, Anchal Sahu, and Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni appeared in the film.

Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a London-based barrister, and Bondita Das, his wife, are the central characters of the series. Anirudh confronts the harsh and patriarchal culture to provide her with the education she needs to become a barrister.

Set in rural Bengal during the pre-independence era, Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a 20-year-old barrister, returns from London to Tulsipur to abolish the conventions and societal beliefs that restrict women from progressing.

Saudamini "Mini" Bhaumik, a childhood friend, is poised to marry him. Bondita Das, a Bengali Hindu girl of 11 years old, lives with her widowed mother Sumati, maternal uncle Sundaram, aunt Devoleena, and cousin Sampoorna. Bondita would marry an elderly guy,

whereas Sampoorna will marry Saurabh, Anirudh's best friend, according to Sundaram and Devoleena.

However, the elderly man passes away abruptly in the middle of the wedding procedures, forcing Anirudh to marry Bondita in order to prevent her from becoming a part of Sati.

With the help of Anirudh's father, Binoy, mini schemes were devised to separate Anirudh and Bondita. Bondita is treated as a responsibility by Anirudh, who refuses to accept her as his wife.

Bondita is helped by Anirudh to recover from the trauma of her father's death from a deadly snakebite. After a local home tutor increases Bondita's fear of studying by utilising harsh punishment methods, Anirudh wants to educate her himself.

Bondita, on the other hand, skips school because she unwittingly assists a con artist named Brijwasi Babu, who poses as a devout follower of Lord Krishna in order to rescue Sampoona's marriage after her in-laws demand additional dowry.

She assists him, but she is apprehended by Anirudh, who sends her back to the village, believing she is the cause of Saudamini's blindness and his powerful family's loss of respect.

After a while, it is discovered that Saudamini deceived Anirudh with her feigned blindness and duped him into spending the night with her.

Anirudh, who had no idea what she was up to, aided her and went to her house late at night, only to be drugged by her.

When a few villagers convince Anirudh that he must marry Saudamini because he spent the night with her, which is against their traditions, he reluctantly accepts, but only to save her honour. Bondita is mistreated at Devipur after her husband abandons her, and she is dubbed a Chodi Huyi Aurat.

Devoleena sells Bondita to a brothel, telling her that she's sending her to see Gandhi Ji, in order to address the troubles Bondita is bringing them and possibly rescue Sampoorna's marriage.

Bondita, who appears to be innocent, accepts and departs. Meanwhile, in Tulsipur, a brothel dancer named Rasiya Bai informs Anirudh and his family about her village's mistreatment.

Her statements make Anirudh realise his error and Bondita's true aim to aid Brijwasi after Sampoorna tells him the truth, labelling him a hypocrite and a charlatan who makes promises but can't keep them.

Anirudh returns to Bondita's hometown to reclaim her and apologise to her and her mother for his crimes. When he arrives, Devoleena informs him that Bondita has fled, unable to take any more insults.

As a result, Anirudh takes it upon himself to promise Bondita's mother that he will return daughter safe and sound.

Devoleena confines Bondita to Hira Mandi, a brothel in Kolkata. Bondita continues adamant about meeting Gandhi Ji, despite Tarabai, the brothel's owner, sugarcoating her and making her believe that this is the appropriate place for her.

After Bondita saves him from the dagger Tarabai stabbed him with, Anirudh disguises himself as Salim and proceeds to retrieve Bondita with the help of Saurav.

They find Bondita, and he takes it upon himself to escort every lady out of there. When Anirudh's betrayal is finally revealed, Tarabai attempts to kill him and Bondita, but Rasiya protects them and dies in the process.

Anirudh and Bondita return to Tulsipur to reveal Saudamin's nefarious plans. Bondita expresses her wish to attend Tulsipur's local school and study with other males.

Anirudh must have Bondita's entrance form signed by Sir John Greenwood, the new governor general of Tulsipur, in order for her to be enrolled to the school. Anirudh and the Roy Chaudharys are surprised to see Saudamini dressed as Greenwood's wife, Betty, at the celebration.

She dares them to compete in an educational competition between Anirudh's squad, which includes Bondita and the Hira Mandi rescued females, and Saudamini's team, which includes the best lads from the arena. The competition is won by Anirudh and his team.

Bondita begins attending school as the first girl from Tulsipur, thanks to Anirudh's assistance. Mini, on the other hand, kidnaps Bondita and imprisons her in a chemical plant.

Saurabh saves Bondita, but he dies in the process. Mini is apprehended with Saurabh's father, Premlal, who attempts to murder Anirudh in retaliation for Saurabh's death. Anirudh informs Bondita that he wishes for her to pursue a career as a barrister.

After being blackmailed by Sampoorna's parents, Binoy marries the widowed Sampoorna.

Anirudh and Bondita invalidate their marriage shortly after to support the Child Marriage Act. Bondita's grandmother, Kalindi aka Thaku Maa, arrives and whisks Bondita away to Krishna Nagar,

Wreaking havoc on Anirudh and Bondita's lives. Bondita's marriage to Chandrachur Banerjee is planned, but she is saved by a disguised Anirudh. Bondita resolves to pursue her dream of becoming a barrister, and Anirudh sends her to London to do so.

To save her name, Kalindi has Bondita's cousin Tupur marry in her stead. Chandrachur is drawn to Bondita and consequently marries Tupur against his choice.

After eight years

Bondita has grown up and has returned to Tulsipur as a barrister. Kalindi and the Roy Choudhurys have now become sworn adversaries, to to her dismay, as she learns of the factionalism between Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar.

Bondita is related to Krishna Nagar, thus Anirudh refuses to meet her, yet he misses her. Bondita is told that when she left, just as Kalindi was about to begin a new amicable relationship with the Choudhurys, Anirudh betrayed them by planting a bomb hidden among gifts.

Bondita isn't convinced, so she disguises herself as Vaijayanti and travels to Tulsipur in search of the truth. She is taken aback when she discovers Binoy is intellectually challenged.

Sampoorna tells her that Krishna Nagar poisoned their meal and attacked them, causing Binoy to become insane. Bondita eventually succeeds in changing Anirudh's obnoxious behaviour.

In an unexpected change of events, she is discovered while rescuing Binoy. She destroys all ties with Anirudh since he remains silent and does not help her. Anirudh realises he has fallen in love with Bondita and confesses his thoughts to her, feeling terrible.

Bondita forgives him, and the two of them are able to persuade their respective families to cease their enmity. Their marriage is set in stone, and they marry.

Chandrachur intends to molest Bondita on the wedding night. He, on the other hand, catches Bondita's cousin, Tapur, attempting to betray his plan and instead molests her.

Anirudh catches him off guard and pursues him. In an unexpected turn of events, he knocks Chandrachur off a cliff. To save Tapur's dignity, Anirudh accepts the crime.

Bondita represents Anirudh in court. She discovers the truth after much inquiry and pushes Tapur to appear in court, but she is humiliated by public prosecutor Subodh Chatterjee.

Bondita later becomes suspicious of Tupur's behaviour and discovers that Chandrachur is still alive.

She manages to bind him and force him to confess to all of his crimes, including hiding bombs in Anirudh's gifts and poisoning their meals. Bondita triumphs in the lawsuit, proving Anirudh's innocence, and becomes a role model for all women.

Bondita is pulled and dumped into the river by other locals who favour patriarchy and see Bondita as a threat to society.

Anirudh saves Bondita, but he goes lost in the process. Batuk, Anirudh's lookalike brother, arrives and tries in vain to save Anirudh. Everyone assumes he's dead, which only adds to Batuk's rage towards Bondita.

Bondita's pregnancy is disclosed. Batuk impersonates Anirudh in order to kidnap Bondita's child and throw her out of the house after she gives birth. Trilochan, who is unaware of Batuk's motives, gives him permission because he does not want Bondita's health to deteriorate due to shock.

Bondita continues to remain suspicious of the phoney Anirudh, despite the fact that the real one is alive but crippled and unable to recall his address.

After six months

Bondita is taken aback when she learns that everyone believes Anirudh is dead. She is upset when she learns, she lives with Batuk, and she believes Anirudh is still alive.

Bondita gives birth to a son and a daughter. In the meantime, Anirudh recalls his address and chooses to return to Tulsipur. Batuk kidnaps the twins and plans to take them to Italy with him.

Bondita, distraught over the disappearance of her children, arrives at the house but is unable to enter since Batuk has barred the door. She implores Batuk to return her children to her.

Batuk, on the other hand, reveals his true intentions and attempts to burn Bondita alive, but Anirudh arrives just in time and saves her.

She tells him everything that has happened to her in the last six months that he has been away from her. An enraged Anirudh slams the door shut and storms into the house. Anirudh smacks Batuk and expels him after an emotional reunion with his family.

Anirudh and Bondita take their twins in front of Durga's statue and declare that their offspring would overcome society's harmful habits and become barristers like them, bringing the performance to a happy conclusion.