Every individual must practice sports that make the body healthy and also gain it a strong muscular structure. You also do not have to have strong arms and chest muscles and weak legs. Therefore, we educate yourself. We present to you here the most important 10 exercises that you do to strengthen the muscles of your legs

calf workout

In this exercise, you will need some weights, hold the weights in your hand and then rise up with your feet until you are standing on tiptoes and then lower again and repeat this exercise up and down while you carry the weights with your hands.

One-legged squat

Stand next to a wall and place your palm on it at shoulder level and not higher. Make sure your foot is 45 degrees from the wall. Then slowly lower your knee until it touches the floor. Then repeat the movement with your other foot.
4- Stretching exercises

Lie with your back on the floor and then raise one foot up and raise your body and lower it with your foot still high and repeat the movement with the second foot as well.
5- Squat

In this exercise, you must stand in front of the wall and put a ball between your back and the wall of the wall, then put your hand on your knees and start carrying out the exercise downward until squatting and up until standing and so on.

6- Loads

Hold the load with your hands, then step forward with one leg, come back and repeat the movement with the second leg.
7- Squat while lifting

Stand straight, then bend forward and carry the weights with your hands, then go up with them and continue going down until you squat and rise until your back is single, and so on.
8- Pressure

Use a leg press, put some dumbbells on it, press your feet firmly until your leg is fully extended, and repeat the exercise with different weights.

Pressing with the ball

Sit on the ball and then roll it until your knees are bent, straighten one and keep the other bent, then straighten and bend the other, and so on.
10- Posterior flexion

In this exercise, you should lie on your stomach and then lift the loads with your leg and bend it back and repeat the exercise several times with increasing weights