Training programs called Core training, or core muscle training, have recently become very popular due to their importance in the field of fitness, health and training. In this article, learn about this type of training, its importance, the most important exercises that fall under this title, and start applying it.

What is basic muscle training?

It is the practice of exercises that strengthen the muscles of the trunk, that is, the abdomen, back, lower back, shoulders, and the majority of the muscles that support the spine.

What are the benefits of training the core muscles of the body
1) Increases the functional fitness of the body

That is, it increases the body's ability to perform daily functions and activities with less fatigue and effort, such as walking, climbing stairs, squatting, and carrying things.
2) Relieves and prevents back pain

It works to strengthen the back muscles and increase their ability to carry body weight in various positions, and reduce the chances of falling and fractures, especially in the elderly.

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3) It improves athletic performance

It gives the body more stability and greater ability to control the movements of the body and limbs, so it is important for athletes of different types of sports.
4) It improves the harmony and beauty of the body

By tightening and coordinating the abdominal and torso muscles, this training gives beauty and attractiveness to the body, and a more beautiful standing and sitting position.