Athletes engage in a set of exercises in the weight room in order to increase endurance, the most prominent of which is the “Cross Fit” exercises, which are exercises that contribute to increasing muscle strength for beginners, and increasing their endurance, and these exercises are a circular set of exercises that It hits the shoulders and the main muscles in the body, and among those exercises:

1) Shoulder exercises, which help to increase endurance, agility, coordination, weight lifting, and they help to increase endurance in weight-lifting exercises, and increase physical and mental strength, and in those exercises you need more strength and skill, with weights being listed from the lightest to the heaviest.

2) Pull exercises: They are exercises that you can do for 20 minutes with the largest number of training groups, and in this exercise you must raise the body to chest level, without a specific number of repetitions, provided that it lasts for 5 minutes.

3) Squat exercises with jumping in the air, which helps to increase strength and endurance of the joints in particular, in addition to achieving the required recovery of the muscles.

4) Dips exercises in which you practice farm gait exercises for a distance of 200 meters with a load of 50 pounds, which helps to develop the strength of the shoulders in a healthy way. You can also replace the weight with dumbbells that you carry on both sides of the body, focusing on one foot when walking, then push the hips Back, squeeze the hamstrings.